Best Hemorrhoid Treatment for Men and Women

Hemorrhoids are technically the clinical term of piles. Many of you I guess know about piles. Piles are a quit painful physical condition. Hemorrhoid or piles basically occurred to adults. Piles can disturb your whole body system.

Hemorrhoids basically a physical condition where you will have swallowed veins in your anus and lower rectum area. Hemorrhoids can be internal and external. The difference between internal and external hemorrhoids is the place where the piles form. So, In the case of internal hemorrhoids, it basically developed inside the rectum and in the case of external hemorrhoids it is developed basically around the anus or beneath the skin of anus.

Usually adults are more prone to affected by hemorrhoids than children. A study shows that four out of five adults are affected with hemorrhoids. But don’t worry the medical science is now very progressive they created the medication of hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoids basically a well known disease in India as well as in abroad. Hemorrhoids or piles can be very painful or can’t be that much painful. It all depends on the severity of the situation.

Jatin a 30 year old man of Indore suffers from piles. It is quite surprising that a 30 year old boy is affected from piles. Not only affected but severely affected, he admitted into hospitals for some time because of piles.

He is a very hard working man, working for a private company; he has a decent salary and a small family along with a beautiful house in Indore. We were shocked when we first heard about him. The most iconic question is how did he get the hemorrhoids from? When we reached Indore, we asked him the question.

He said that he is in a private company, and had very tough job life. Though he gets a decent salary, but for past few years, from when he became a manager of the Indore branch, responsibilities are touched sky. Every day he has to do a lot of work in office as well as at home. He does not a specific time for eating, sleeping and relaxing. As a result, he increased stress in him.

He is badly affected by stress and nervousness and over that he also has to handle the whole responsibilities of office. So, from the Increasing stress level he has constipation and now the constipation become piles. His piles become worst day by day and doctors suggest us to do surgery unless he will be in pain for whole life. We discuss it with his family, but his family wants time before giving any last verdict.

That night Jatin suddenly felt a shard pain in his anus, and we actually visited to hospital in rush. When we reached hospital he was admitted in hospital successfully and after sometime the doctors started their surgery.

After sometime the doctors came out from operation theater. The doctors said that Jatin was better then. But he has to stay 24 hours in the hospital. He advised us to come back tomorrow to take him back. So, this is the story of Jatin who was affected from piles. I met him, because I was in Indore for some social work and in middle of that I and my team did a little help to Jatin’s family.

Now, let’s move on to the next segment of the article.

  • What are Hemorrhoids or Piles?

I have already given you an underline idea of piles or hemorrhoids. But still if you don’t understand what are hemorrhoids, then let’s dig into it briefly.

N human body there is a place inside the body which is called ‘anus’, at the last part of anus there is a bunch of veins. So, from anus you deleted or removed the unnecessary things of your body by natural means. I am talking about pooping. So, when you have piles or about to have piles, the bunch of veins in anus will swell up and make a lump.

It is very painful thing. The limp is called as piles. Due to you have problems in doing poop. Those who have piles, pooping are like nightmare for them. Remember constipation is not piles but it contributes in piles. If you have severe constipation you are more prone to have piles. Piles can be external and internal.

According to severity, we can divide piles into four parts:

  • Grade 1: It is not that much severe. If you take proper medicine you will be fine in few days or months.
  • Grade 2: It is like grade 1. It is also not that much dangerous at all. Proper medication can make you fine.
  • Grade 3: Now, grade 3 is a matter of concern. In grade 3 of piles you will feel pain whenever you go to potty. You will never be cleared.
  • Grade 4: It is the most severe stage of hemorrhoids or piles. In grade 4 you only have one way to cure and that is surgery. Blood also can come out from anus.

I guess I am able to give you an insight of piles or hemorrhoids.
Now move to the second part.

  • Treatments of Piles or Hemorrhoids for Men and Women.

Men and women both can have piles. So, let’s discuss about the available medication for this physical condition.

1. Injection Sclerotherapy: It is a process where your piles will be treated with proper medication. This method has some advantages that in this method you will not have to be hospitalized. It also has some disadvantages which is in this method your piles can come back in future.

2. Cut Therapy: Cut therapy is old process. Here the doctors will cut your lump. It is painful process, and it will consume huge time for your healing. Your piles can still come back in this process.

3. Leaser Treatment: It is one of the best treatments you can have in piles. It is easy and painless process. And most important news is in leaser treatment your piles will never back again. You will be able to heal in 2 or 3 days. In this process doctors shrink the lump by leaser. It is the most trending treatment for piles.

I hope you enjoy this article and gain some information.
Thank you.

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