Cause of the knee injury

Are you suffering from a knee injury and chronic joint pain?? Then you are at right place.

In this modern age, osteoarthritis and knee pain is a very common problem for the mid-age people, irrespective of gender. Most of the people suffer from these kinds of problem, after 35 or 40.

The cause behind this may be an unhealthy lifestyle, obesity and weight gain, lack of physical activity and sedentary job, or lack of calcium and bone strength.

Nobody prefers regular activity with pain, so if you get aware of the knee injury and osteoarthritis cause, symptoms, remedy, you can prevent them at an early stage with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and proper medication. As we all know prevention is better than cure.

Overview of knee structure and function

Our knee joint has three main segments. The thigh bone or femur, shinbone or tibia, and kneecap or patella. The femur is connected with large shin bone, and make main knee joint. The kneecap or patella is the third segment, which connects with the femur to make the third joint.  This third joint is also known as patellofemoral joint.

The knee joint is covered with knee capsule and ligaments. The ligament is actually a band of hard tissue.  That provides strength and stability to knee joints.

The meniscus is a thick band of cartilage tissue, in between two joints made by the tibia and femur. It makes the joints more flexible.  Our knee joint is also protected by fluid sac, also known as bursae.  These bursae help decrease unnecessary tears and friction of the tendons. This fluid increases the mobility of your joint. Here large tendon covers the knee cap and connects with the anterior part of the tibia bone.

Our knee allows us to move and bend our leg. Gives the ability to walk, run, and can do our regular activity.

Our knee joints have the potential of bearing weight. Each meniscus plays an important role in weight-bearing. And fluid of the fluid sac functions as a joint lubricant. Protects them from wear and tears.

Knee injuries that responsible for chronic knee pain

Injury can affect any part of our knee joints. Like joint muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, cartilage, and meniscus. We have told above that our knee joint is the most weight-bearing joint in our body. And our body gives maximum pressure to our knee joint. So, most of the cases our joints get injured. These are some causes of the knee injury and severe joint pain

Injury of knee ligaments

Any kind of accidental injury or trauma can damage your knee ligaments.  Trauma can affect the outer as well as the inner surface of the knee ligament. After this kind of injury you will feel immediate pain, and difficult to move.

Initially, at the primary stage, ligament injury is treated with immobilization and icepack. Doctor advise patient to take rest. You should avoid weight-bearing activity. As this activity will give intense pressure on your knee. Leg elevation is also a good way to reduce knee joint pain.

The doctor recommends required medicine and cortisone injection if your damage is at a moderate level. But if the injury is a severe doctor may suggest an open surgery or knee Arthroscopy repair the injury. In this case reconstruction of ligament tissue is very important.

Fracture of the knee bone

Knee bone fracture mainly caused due to any kind of accident or trauma. Trauma can affect any of the three bone of your knee joint.

Fracture of the bone of your knee joint can be dangerous. In this case reconstruction of bone is required. Doctors usually prefer to do open surgery, after X-ray.

Tendinitis or tendonitis

Tendinitis is mainly inflammation of the tendon.  It naturally takes place due to overuse or tear of tendons.  In most of the cases, sportspersons suffer from tendinitis or tendonitis, due to overuse of the tendon. It is mainly connected with inflammation and acute knee injury. The common symptom of tendinitis is redness and a swollen knee.

Here age is not a factor; anyone can suffer from tendonitis if they put a lot of strain to their tendon muscle. This is mostly seen on adult people, as they used to more involved in the sports activity.

After diagnosis doctor will advise you to take rest, use icepack, and prescribe some over the counter medicines. He/ she may recommend some imaging test, such as MRI, or Ultrasound., to detect the exact problem of your knee.

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Disease and conditions that cause chronic knee pain

Different disease and condition are responsible for chronic knee joint pain. Bone and soft tissue get affected by some specific disease and conditions.


Arthritis is responsible for chronic knee pain, and inflammation of the knee joints. Most of the people after 40 years suffering from arthritis,  irrespective of gender.

There are different types of arthritis; one of them is osteoarthritis, it is common among female. It affects mainly the bone of the knee. Reduce the bone strength, that degenerate the knee cartilage.


Rheumatoid Arthritis or gout

is also responsible for your chronic knee pain; it is an Auto-immune disorder. It takes place when your immunity power or body defense mechanism is low.

The main target of rheumatoid arthritis is different joints of our body.

kee joint pain
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Bone infection

Infection of the bone is also a reason behind chronic knee pain. Although it rarely happens. The bone infection comes with some symptoms, fever, warmth feeling at your knee, and extreme heat, inflammation of knee joint.


Chondromalacia or softness of cartilage tissue of knee cap can give you deep knee pain, and your knee becomes very stiff. you cannot move and bend your leg easily.


mainly takes place inside of the knee, and anterior part of the knee cap.  In this case, doctors generally prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen, aspirin, or corticosteroid injections.

A bone tumor is a very rare case, which can give you so much trouble.


Here we have discussed the main cause of knee injury, and chronic knee pain.  Because this is a common problem worldwide. So, our intention is to give you the right guidance, which may help you to prevent those disease in long term or get a perfect treatment. we briefly describe the structure and function of our knee joint, which also known as a weight-bearing joint. our body and regular activity mostly depend on two knee joints. one pound of extra pressure gives four-unit, you have to maintain a healthy weight for your most precious knee joint.

Apart from obesity, there are many reasons, that affects knee joints, such as trauma or accidental injury, or some disease and condition we have discussed above.

Hope this article is helpful If you want to stay updated with health-related information, visit our website regularly. And live a healthy lifestyle.


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