Certificate Course in Hospital Administration

Certificate course in Hospital Administration is equal to and more than MBA in Healthcare. Suitable work experience can always give students greater employment opportunities vis-à-vis a fresh graduate, quite like MBA compared to other graduates. With NABH and other quality drives in hospitals and healthcare delivery organizations, there is now an increasing demand to hire MHA (Certificate Course In  Hospital Administration), qualified people.

Course Fees:

INR 15,000

Course Duration:

3 Months

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Hospital Administration: What is it about?

The program has been created to offer:

1. It offers the students a solid background in business management and

 2. It also provides the knowledge of healthcare administration to the students

3.The students are prepared to deal with social, ethical, political, economic, and legal challenges that form a part of the hospital administration.

4.The program provides the students with training in planning, project and operational management, financial, material and human resource management to help them grow astute leadership and management skills.

On successful completion of the course candidates who are interested in pursuing further education in this field may opt for doctoral programs.

The program aims to develop in students the ability to take on the challenges of business and management in today’s ever-evolving and challenging economy. The program prepares them to deal with the finance, marketing, and operations that are important in the hospital industry. The program focuses on developing knowledge, skill, and attitude that are required in Hospital Managers. It also helps in the development of expertise in the student pertaining to planning and management when it comes to various types of hospitals by providing the student with problem solving devices.

The curriculum is curated to include conceptual and quantitative skills which are essential to future managers in contemporary hospitals and/or healthcare units.

Hospital Administration: Admission Process

First Apply for the Registration >> Fill Up The Admission Form >> Pay Online-Bank Transfer / Paytm /Google Pay / Phone Pay >> Get Class Schedule >> Start Class

Hospital Administration: Syllabus and Course Description

A month-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated here.


1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month 
Marketing ManagementMarketing Strategy and ApplicationsManagement Information Systems
Principles of ManagementBusiness Mathematics and Operations ResearchBusiness Policy and Strategic Management
Business StatisticsHuman Resource ManagementEntrepreneurship Management
Organizational BehaviourFinancial ManagementForeign Language
Financial AccountingManagement of National Health ProgramsOrganisation and Administration of Super Speciality Services
Business LawCommunication and Educational TechnologyFinancing of Health Services
Managerial EconomicsHealth Policy and AdministrationPharmaceutical Management
Epidemiology and BiostatisticsOrganisation and Administration of Clinical ServicesHealth Education and Communication
Organisation and Administration of Supportive ServicesMaterials ManagementLegislation for Health and Hospital
Foreign LanguageR&D Management and Knowledge Process OutsourcingQuality Management
Foreign LanguageInternational Business
Environment Management and Ethics in Business
Management Control Systems
Foreign Language
Applied Epidemiology
Hospital Planning
Final Project

Hospital Administration: Who Should Opt?

Candidates wanting to apply for Certificate Course in Hospital Administration must have a bachelor’s degree in any field such as Arts/ Science/ Commerce/ Engineering/ Technology/ Medical/ Dental/ Pharmacy/ Agriculture or any other professional courses from a recognised Indian university.

Skills Required

Knowledge of finance and information systems
Leadership skills
Good Communication & Organizing Skill
Friendly personality

Hospital Administration: Career Prospects

As hospital administrators, successful postgraduates of the course study business management in healthcare administration and get quantitative and conceptual skills that are required in high performing contemporary healthcare units and hospitals.

They may work as employees in both corporate and government sectors in the areas of:


Health Insurance Companies, 

Public Health Departments,

Hospital Consulting Firms,

Laboratories and Clinics,

Health Agencies,

Mental Health Organisations,

Nursing Homes.

As an MBA in Hospital Administration, the candidate will learn the principles of management, efficient business handling as well as the details of inputs in the administration of healthcare units and facilities all around the world and hence, become a management professional and manage the timely and adequate access of treatment to patients.

These postgraduates may later pursue doctoral programs in hospital administration or seek specialised certification.

Top Companies Offering Jobs

Salary Scope

On an average, a fresher graduate in healthcare management gets the joining salary of around 20,000 to 30,000 INR per month. Students with the MHA or MBA, healthcare management degrees, directly join in the senior levels and can earn between INR 4.5 lakh to 12 lakh per annum.A Hospital Administrator earns an average salary of Rs 414,536 per year. People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience. A skill in Operations Management is associated with high pay for this job.

Top Recruiting Areas & Top Job Profiles

The following are the job post for hospital management:

  1. Head of the hospital
  2. Consultant general medicine
  3. Hospital administration
  4. Deputy medical superintendent
  5. Business transformation Management
  6. Executive
  7. Healthcare manager
  8. Senior finance accounts manager
  9. Doctors assistance
  10. Assistant medical superintendent
  11. Public health manager
  12. floor executive
  13. Bio- technical research manager
  14. Housekeeping supervisor

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    Certificate Course in Hospital Administration: Student Queries

    Certificate in Hospital Administration course is appropriate for those candidates who have negotiations and teamwork skills, developed through working both independently and on group projects; leadership and delegation skills, achieved through group work.

    By getting experience in the role of a hospital manager, one can move into the position of a chief executive officer or head of the department of the organization.

    To take employment as a hospital administrator, you will need to get at least a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration. While a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration is the minimum education requirement to qualify for some hospital administration positions, it is just that a minimum education.

    If you are interested in becoming a hospital administrator, you may be thinking if you have to become a nurse first. The answer is no. You don’t have to be a nurse nor do you have to be a doctor; however, experience in either of these occupations would be of great use.

    The good news is that a career in the office is still in the offering and one that will change considerably throughout a person’s working life. While the usual administrative assistant/secretary and such are being phased out, those with powerful administrative and project management abilities will always be required.

     Hospital Administrators are responsible for regulating and managing the health services and regular activities of a hospital or healthcare facility. They oversee staff and budgets, communicate between departments and assure sufficient patient care amongst other duties.

    Professional certification can be taken by qualifying certification exams through the institute.

    • Administrative Assistant
    • Administrative Director
    • Administrative Coordinator   
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Administrative Services Manager
    • Administrative Specialist
    • Administrative Services Officer
    • Administrative Manager
    • Administrative Support Manager

    And many more…

    Listed below are five entry-level jobs that can place you on track for a management position.

    1. Health Information
    2. Medical Executive Assistant
    3. Healthcare Human Resources Manager
    4. Medical Office Administrator
    5. Social and Community Service Manager

    All states have their own licensing terms, meaning that you will have to take a licensure exam before becoming a healthcare administrator. In addition, part of the licensure terms will be that you get at least a bachelor’s degree, gain real-world experience and complete an approved training program.