Proper Medical Treatment is an important requirement in the lives of Human Beings and it is possible for it not being available or affordable in your own country. So, people often travel from one country to another in search of it. This is referred to as Medical Tourism.


In the past, this basically referred to people from underdeveloped countries traveling to developing countries, which provide bet6ter healthcare. But now, in the modern world, with the incredible increase in the cost of healthcare in general, and the concept of licensed and non-licensed medicine, people from developed countries are also moving the other way, to receive healthcare at a more affordable price and/or drugs and practices that may be banned in their native country.


Here is a list of the Medical Tourism companies in Bangalore:


  1. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultant A renowned group of Medical Tourism Consultants, providing a comprehensive range of medical services, through the best doctors and experts, at an affordable price. They also hold deep social, professional and friendly connections with the best hospitals in India, allowing them to provide all different options to patients(especially uninsured patients), in their quest to provide the best medical facilities for everyone.



  1. Bonanza HealthcareThe company mainly aims to provide a concierge service for all medical needs. Appointment-bookings, reminders, etc. everything is done by the company itself. Bonanza Medical Tourism, with it’s access to the best doctors, surgeons and hospitals in the most beautiful locations around India, aims to perfectly sync, the Medical with the Tourism.


  1. Satva Meditour –  Now, one of the best Medical Tourism companies in India, established to provide “Unique Health Solutions” to patients travelling to India. Always upto date, with the newest services and technology, the belief at Satva is, Hospitality is the ultimatum, to make “guests” feel “at home”. A strong connection between Patients and World-Class Hospitals and Doctors is key. 


  1. Doctorvalley – Boasting of a network of the best Doctors and Hospital in the country, they provide the best and specifically- customised treatment packages at affordable prices. They cater to every need including: Travel planning, Visa Arrangement, pick-up at the airport, translator, hotel, etc.



  1. Mediniq Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. – Mediniq, with it’s own well-qualified, in-house research team, studies the offers from different hospitals, in order to analyse and compare them. This data can give patients a significant edge in choosing the proper treatment, as there is a need to study, compare and analyse the best options for any particular ailment. Mediniq offers to do that for it’s patients. Not being committed to any hospital, in particular, they simply suggest the best options to their patients and it is then for the patient(s) and their families to decide.



  1. Global Treatment Services It is one of the most reputed, Healthcare facilitators in India, with High-quality Medical Professionals, Healthcare Management Consultants and Doctors, at the helm of Management. Their main goal is achieving Customer Satisfaction through the provision of Quality Healthcare  Services, with a transparent approach. True, enthusiastic and experienced professionals, allow GTS to have a customer-centric approach, with their key values being – Reliability, Accountability and Compassion.


 This is where Medical Tourism Companies come in. They provide both the services of getting their customers the proper healthcare that they need and also giving them a tour of the place they come to visit.


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