India is the Best Destination for Medical Treatment

Medical Tourism is the process of traveling to other countries to seek medical treatment. Latest studies have rated India as the best destination for medical treatment. Medical Tourism has become one of the most growing sectors in India and in the last few years have undergone an enormous push, adding quite mainly to its economy. The Government has also provided new Visa schemes for medical tourists. In India, though the cost or expense of medical treatment is low, the quality and care are of high quality. 

 Reasons why India is the best for Medical Treatment?

Along with the advancement of the 21st century and the discovery of modern technology and healthcare services, many developing countries are getting advanced when it comes to their medical or health care facilities. Studies claim that by 2020, India is projected to touch around dollar 7 to 8 billion in case of medical tourism.  Here we talk about a few examples as to why India is the best destination for medical treatment.

1. Lower Cost Treatment

According to the medical tourism market report (MTMR), India provides voice most low expense healthcare facilities but that of the highest quality. Medical treatments and procedures in India cost about one-tenth of that which it will cost in countries like the US or UK.

People can save at least 40% of what they expect to lose while underground medical treatment in some other country. The low expense is not only regarding healthcare facilities but also the cost of living that is including the travel expenses like airfare India is the Best Destination for Medical Treatmentand hotel and food.

The quality is undoubtedly good, although the prices are low and a person can save a lot while undergoing medical treatment in India. 

2. Getting Medical Visas is easy

According to the new laws in India, the government has removed a lot of visa restrictions on tourist visas. The government has also instituted a new scheme which allows a ‘visa on arrival’ for tourists from select countries only. Also, it will enable the Nationals to stay in India for 30 days only for medical reasons.

3. Immediate Surgeries

People seeking medical treatment don’t have to wait much for undergoing medical procedures. In Western countries, people have to wait for months to withstand even a minor medical treatment or procedure. That also at a very high expense.

4. Top-notch service and care

India might be a developing Nation, but its medical treatment and medical facilities are entirely developed and top in the world. Chennai is known as “India’s Health Capital.” Some world-class premium hospitals are present in India patients are treated by experts. 

5. An additional advantage of Ayurveda treatment

The marvelous thing about medical tourism in India is that it provides other open doors. The ayurvedic treatment being one of them. Since this country is very famous for its ayurvedic resorts and villages, people who don’t want to opt for allopathic medicine can delve into another excellent treatment procedure.

6. No Language problem faced

Although being a diverse country, in India, people speak almost all languages.  English is the universal language which people widely speak, understand, read, and write as well. Second, comes Hindi, which is the country’s national language. One scarcely faces a language problem in this country. 

7. Exotic, Peaceful and spiritual destinations for mental as well as physical therapy

This country also provides the additional advantage of a very natural and spiritual environment which also cleanses the mind, body, and soul; automatically providing a healthy environment to do people seeking medical treatment. The wide range of valleys, mountains, rivers, oceans, and temples offer a healthy environment to patients giving them mental peace and healing. 




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