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    AMRI Dhakuria: The Epitome of Healthcare

    Amri Hospital-Dhakuriais called the flagship unit of the Amri group of hospitals. It is called Eastern India’s largest healthcare centre. So many foreign as well as Indian patients rely on this Amri group of hospitals.  The list of doctors who are chosen to practice at AMRI Dhakuriaare the best ones asDhakuriadoes not compromise with the lives of the patients.

    Dr. Mani Kumar Chettri, Dr. SatyabrataBasu, Dr. R.K Dutta Ray and DR A.K MitraMustafi were in the pioneers of the medical world. Slowly the hospital began the OPD services and by the year 1997, it had already turned into a hospital which consists of 150 beds. This hospital started Its operations in the year in a full-fledged way when it increased its beds by 200 and in the year 2014, 75 more beds were added.

    This hospital is known for it’s super effective and super hardworking emergency department, which handles hundreds of emergency and critical conditions every day. The hospital departments have specialized doctors who can make the patients recover fast and in a homely atmosphere. Doctors who are present are not only professionals but also perfectionists at the same time.

    The emergency rooms are always full in this hospital because every emergency patient’s family rely on this hospital because they have the best emergency department. The hospital authority also provides Trauma are and treatments for acute trauma. The department of Neurology brings to you excellent services to the neuro patients. Holistic treatments are mostly for emergency cases. Immediate care is given to any patient who is admitted to this hospital.

    The Neurosciences department is excellent and very well-equipped. Apart from Neurology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Urology, General medicine, and Oncology departments are full of talented doctors and they have saved thousands of lives with their extraordinary knowledge and remarkably good skillset.

    The mission of Amri, Dhakuria

    Here each patient’s is valued and their needs are reflected. When a patient is admitted the hospital authority makes sure that the patient or the families of the patient does not face any kind of troubles. The observation and maintenance of patient rights is initiated as soon as the patient is admitted to the hospital.

    They make communication easy with the patients and maintain a record of each and every test which are performed. A nurse is always assigned to any ill person so that the patient does not ever feel lonely or feel displeased.

    Patients should cooperate as well!

    There are a few responsibilities which the patient should also carry on with.

    • A patient should always give details about his/ her illness or any kind of problems if they are facing.
    • To take proper decision about the tests and other medical treatments which the patient has to go through.
    • Also, to accept the financial expenses and also to be polite enough to discuss it out.
    • To be considerate enough for their fellow co-patients who are also receiving care from the hospital.
    • Bills should be settled within the time period which is asked.