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What we bring to you

Medical and Wellness Toursim

Feel Empowered, Inspired & Confident to Get Most Affordable Medical Care In India.
We help you to choose the best Medical hospital or Wellness Center based on your Medical Reports, budget and destination preferences.

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In Home Healthcare & Caregiver

Home Healthcare Support Services to Get In-Home Doctor Visit & Consultation, In-home Lab Services, Elderly Care Services, Vaccination at Home, Physiotherapy at Home, Rehab & Rehabilitation Services at Home  and Many other Services

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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Don’t suffer in pain. Our Physiotherapist and Rehab Specialist at home service is a missed call away. Special healthcare services that help our patients to regain mental, physical, and/or cognitive personal abilities that have been lost or impaired as a result of disease, injury, or any treatment.

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Corporate Healthcare & Wellness Support

Complete Corporate Healthcare Support Services along with corporate Yoga & Stress Relief Program, Corporate Wellness Support, Ergonomic Consulting Services, Occupational Safety, and many other services.

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Training and Workshops

Free medical checkup and health awareness program for a better lifestyle and stress-free long life.  We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in Awareness, Healthcare, and Support for the benefit of humanity

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Health Insurance and Medical Loan

Apply for a Medical Loan Online for funding your medical emergency expenses or clearing medical due expenses. Our Health Insurance Experts will offer the best health insurance plans as per your budget.

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    Our Mission,
    Values and Motto

    Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in Awareness, Healthcare, and Support for the benefit of humanity.

    Bidyut Bikash Dhar

    Founder & CEO


    What our clients say?

    “I have booked for physiotherapy service at home & Got Excellent Support Services. Highly Satisfied. ”

    Prasenjit Ganguly
    - from Bally

    “আমি আর আমার ফ্যামিলি যে হেল্প মাদ্রে হেলথকেয়ার থেকে পেয়েছি তা অকল্পনীয়. আমি আমার সকল বাংলাদেশি ভাইবোনদের মাদ্রে টীম এর আধিকারিকের সাথে যেকোনো সমস্যায় যোগাযোগ করার জন্য বলবো. দোয়া করি. মাদ্রে টীম যেন আরো বড়ো হয়. ”

    মনিরুজ্জামান মনি
    - from Dhaka, Bangladesh

    “I sincerely thank Doctors and the staff at MADRE Healthcare and Wellness Center for helping me return to my active lifestyle. I would highly recommend their holistic approach to healthy living.”

    Robert Dugoni
    - from NewYork

    “ Best Medical Tourism agency in India. My experience was nothing short of amazing, I’m so thankful for MADRE Healthcare. It’s a leap of faith, but one worth taking. I promise!! .”

    Ankita Sharma
    - from UK
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    রাতে প্রস্রাবের সমস্যায় ঘুম হচ্ছে না? এটি প্রোস্টেট এনলার্জমেন্টের লক্ষন হতে পারে!

    প্রোস্টেট গ্রন্থির নিরীহ স্ফীতি একটি বয়স জনিত পুরুষদের সমস্যা। একে সংক্ষেপে ইংরেজীতে BEP বা BPH...

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    তলপেটের যন্ত্রনায় অতিষ্ঠ? আপনার প্রোস্টেট ক্যানসার হয় নি তো?

    প্রোস্টেট ক্যান্সার পুরুষদের অন্যতম কমন একটি ক্যান্সার। পুরুষদের একটি প্রোস্টেট গ্রন্থি আছে, যেটি দিয়ে মূত্র...

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