Nursing Services At Home

Nursing Services in Kolkata

Nursing services at homeencompasses a wide range of healthcare services that can be easily administered at your home. Home care nursing services are usually cheaper than hospitals and nursing homes, while being just as effective as the medical care offered in a hospital or nursing home

How Much Do our Services Cost?

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Nursing Services At Home

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The Benefits Of Nursing Service At Home

There are lots of advantages of Nursing Service at Home. Besides being comfortable than getting admitted in a hospital or nursing home, the nursing care at home also helps a patient recover earlier, as it has been found that people tend to recover quickly from their illness or diseases when surrounded by their loved ones.

Medical & Non-Medical Services We offer

Examples of Medical & Non-medical Services:

Depending on patients’ needs and Doctor recommendations, a complete  healthcare package will be made for each patient, that will include services such as:

Physiotherapy at Home 

Doctor Home Visit  

Lab Test 

Specialist Consultation and Much More

Personal Care and Companionship services may include: Assistance with self-care, such as grooming, bathing, dressing, and using the toilet

Flexible & Well-Suited Services

The many different types of nursing care available to families, be more or less relevant depending on elders’ needs and desires. Also more likely to be manageable and suitable about service hours. Day programs are a good option for elders who do not require round-the-clock check up.

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Nursing Services At Home: Our Packages

Good Hospitalisation Care

Monitoring vital signs
ECG recording
Sample collection
Urinary catheterization
Enema administration
Administration of medication
Bladder wash
GRBS monitoring
Ryles tube insertion
Medication administration
Podiatric care
Bed bath
Pulmonary Nursing Services
The comprehensive therapeutic services address the following area of patient care:
Bipap/cap Management
Oxygen Administration
Pulmonary Rehabilitation

ICU Trained Nursing Service

Monitoring vital signs

Sample Collections

Urinary Catheterization
Ryle’s Tube insertions
I V Channel Management
Bedsore management
Oxygen Administration
Nebulization & Inhalation
Back, Oral & Eye care
Enema Administration
ECG Recording
Bladder Wash

General Duty Assistance Service

Cloth change
 Monitoring medicine intake 
Daily living needs

Experienced Nurse (Sisters) Service

Monitoring Vital Signs
Ryle’s Tube Feeding
Hygiene Maintainance
Changing of Posture
Administration of Medication
Oxygen Administration
Back, Oral And eye care
Urinary Catheter Management
Bed Bath

Male Nursing Service

BIPAP/CPAP Management
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Oxygen Administration
Care of Patients on Mechanical Ventilator
Tracheostomy Care with Tube Change
Urinary Catheterization
Ryle’s Tube insertions
Post Operative management
Bedsore Management
Burn Management
Critical care Nutrition
Fluid Management
Stoma Care
IV Channel Management
Infusion Pump Management
DVT Prophylaxismanagement
Parental Feeding
Drain Management
Care Of Bedridden
Central Line Procedure & Management
Intubation & Extubation

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Shift Timing

Short Visits

Hourly/Short Visits

Day Shift

6 Hours to 12 Hours

Night Shift

Night - 12 Hours

Live in

24 Hours Resident

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Nursing care at Home: Why Choose Us?


 There is often emotional, physical and financial stress associated with using home health care. Our clinical professionals, home health aides and office staff are fully aware that you need your questions answered and your medical needs attended to. They also know it’s important to do so in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and helps you or your loved one live the best life possible. 


We understand that you and your loved ones live in the real world, dealing with all of life’s ups and downs. We understand when your parents want to live in their own home but you can’t be with them all the time. We understand when your wife will need help getting around, bathing and taking care of her wounds after she leaves the hospital. We understand when your father is cranky because he needs to give up his favorite foods, now that he’s been diagnosed with heart failure and diabetes. No matter your situation, we understand how to provide the highest quality home health care when, where and how you need it.


We are always available when you need us, where you need us whether you have planned in advance for home health care or face a crisis and need an immediate solution. Our staff can be reached all day and night, all week, every day of the year, including holidays. And we have the resources to provide you with care, no matter what. For example, if your nurse is sick, you won’t go without the services you require—we can send in a back-up at a moment’s notice. 


Too often, home health care is misunderstood as being just for older people. We do offer more senior care services than any other home health care organization in KOLKATA—but Vision Homecare provides much more. We have services for pregnant women and their newborns, for children suffering from chronic illnesses and for adults of any age recovering from surgery. We provide skilled nursing care, rehabilitation therapy (physical, occupational and speech therapy), mental health counseling and, at the end of life, hospice and bereavement services. 

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FAQs On ElderCare at Home

The main purpose of medical care reception service is to treat an illness or injury. The house nursing services normally require wound look after pressure sores or surgical wound, patient and caregiver education,  injections, Intravenous or nutrition therapy, recovery therapies and observing serious illness and unstable health status.

Our nursing service at home excel in providing services such as :


Chronic care

Post-surgical Care

Wound care

Urinary Catheterization Care

Diabetic care

Injections, and IV infusion


The frequency of nursing visits varies depending on the patient’s needs and treatment plan.

Yes, we provide12-hr and 24-hr nursing service at home for patients in need.

All Madre Healthcare nurses are professionally trained and certified.

Nursing home care provides clinical care in a residential setting. For this job you will need to spend time at a healthcare facility for the purposes of scheduling, organizing, and reporting to fellow health team members.

They can provide services to help you at home and talk to you about any treatment decisions you need to make. Community and district nurses – These nurses can visit you at home and give care and support to you and anyone looking after you. 

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