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     Medstar Clinic: Quality, Integrity and Reliability! 

    Address: Shakespeare Sarani Road Premlatha Building, 39, Opposite ‘Kalamandir, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

    The Medstar Clinics, Shakespeare Sarani Kolkata is known for providing the best health care solutions to all the individuals who opt for it’s services. Day-to-day healthcare and needs of the patients are taken care of with great care inside the facility. Medstar Clinic is the epitome of convenience, comfort and care. 

    Points that should be remembered : 

    •  If you want a health checkup, then you must keep in your mind certain points which are necessary for you to know. You must report to the Medstar Clinics and fix your appointments beforehand as prior appointment is needed to get any kind of health checkup. Reporting to the clinic before 8:30 am is a must. 
    • This is one of the best walk-in clinics which is referred and recommended by people always.   In this health clinic, one thing should be kept in the minds that you need to come for the checkup after ten to twelve hours of fasting. Tablet Dulcolax or tablet festal is necessary for you take before the health checkup and after your dinner, the previous night. 
    • Plenty of water should be consumed and you should not undergo x-ray if you are pregnant. 

    Healthcare packages : 

    • Basic health checkup 
    • Executive health checkup 
    • Heart checkup 
    • Comprehensive check up for wellness of the women 
    • Senior citizen package 1
    • Senior citizen package 2 
    • Whole body checkup male 
    • Whole body checkup for females
    • Forty plus women checkup 
    • Check up for pregnant women 

    Price list : 

    A comprehensive health checkup is given to you and the services are reliable and the rates fixed for certain health checkups and tests are mentioned below : 

    • Complete Haemogram – 420
    • Lipid profile – 1200
    • Chest X-ray – 400
    • Whole body checkup – 8300
    • ECG – 350 
    • Urine pregnancy test -300
    • Pap smear Whole-body 2D – 1600

    Checkups related to dental care and dentistry 


    • Consultation : 400-500 
    • Extraction: 400 to 800 
    • Root canal treatment : 2500-3000 
    • Silver Amalgam Filling – 800-2000
    • Teeth whitening – 6000-8000
    • Orthodontic treatment – 60000 
    • Porcelain crown ceramic in dentistry – 6500 


    This clinic excels in providing services related to dentistry. Dentistry department of this clinic is specialised. Apart from providing services in dentistry, it also provides service in diagnostics, health checkups, OPD, Physiotherapy and others. 

    Medstar clinics is one of the best dental care centres which is committed in providing a great experience in dental care. The dental clinic covers various treatments : 

      • Orthodontics 
      • Prothodontics
      • Endodontics


    • Dentistry
    • Pediatric 
    • Conservative 
    • Peridontics .



    Some of the points which set us apart from all the walk in clinics are : 

    •  There is a team of leading experts in different fields. 
    • Instant imaging is advanced such as radio visual x-ray and Orthopantmogram. 
    • Individualised treatment provided by the best medical practitioners is another reason why Medstar clinics is topping the charts. 

    The best dental services are : 


    • Root Canal Treatment 
    • OPG X-Ray 
    • Extraction 
    • Glass Inomer filling
    • Stainless steel crown 
    • Partial denture 
    • Whitening of teeth 
    • Full upper and lower Dentures


    There is a dental questionnaire made to get the basic information about the children. The questions are related to different dental problems mainly. 

    These questions have made it easier for the patients to get proper treatments. Sufficient care end effective medicines and perfect services are provided by the dentists which helps the patient to get a good dental health and dentistry sector of this clinic gets much more appreciation by the patients who have benefitted from the treatments and medicines.


    Medstar Clinics

    Address: Shakespeare Sarani Road Premlatha Building, 39, Opposite ‘Kalamandir, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

    Our Services:

    Diagnostics Service

    RadiologyNon-Invasive Cardiac LabPathology Lab
    Digital X Ray SystemTreadmill tests (TMT)NABL Ceritified LAB
    Doppler StudiesColour Doppler
    Orthopantamogram (OPG i.e dental X Ray)ECG
    MamographyPFT (Ling Function Test)
    DEXA Scan (Bone Densitometry)Holter Monitoring
    Doctors Consultation:
    * Cardiologist * Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon * Dentistry * Dermatologist * Diabetologist * Dietician * Endocrinologist * ENT * Gynaecologist * Medicine/General Physician * Nephrologist * Oral, Maxilofacial & Onco Surgeon * Orthopaedic * Paediatrics * Physiotherapist * Psychiatrist * Psychotherapist * Surgeon * Urologist Orthodontics Oral Pathology Prothodontics Endodontics Conservative Dentistry Peridontics Pediatric Dentistry