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ARC Infertility indiaAward winning IVF Clinic in India. ARC has treated over 50,000 couples in the last 5 years. Online IVF / Infertility Doctor Appointment Booking Helpline Number – Call or WhatsApp or IMO – +91.9433365039 | 9830363622. . We Offer Fertility Treatment Services @ I.V.F/I.C.S.I / IUI in India. Contact Us Today.

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    ARC, The biggest fertility and research centre

    Arc IVF is a fertility clinic and includes all the advanced and world-class features. This clinic is responsible in providing the patients with experiences that would make their lives simple and happy.

    At Arc, there is no patient which has not been benefited after the special treatments. People who want to get pregnant and contact this hospital and this clinic would make sure that you conceived as soon as possible.

    Today this clinic is preferred by patients they have gained trust by observing the services provided to other patients. The costs are not that huge and affordable prices are fixed for the services which help the women to get pregnant.

    Arc fertility was founded by Dr SaravananLakshmanan and Dr MahalakshmiSarvanan. This couple dedicated their lives towards providing great reproductive services to the women from different cultural and economic backgrounds.

    The main aim of Arc Ivf is to provide sufficient care to the patients. Different facilities which are available in order to meet the fertility needs of the women. The services provided by this clinic have certain areas of excellence and these are Cost, Care and Continuous support .

    The three steps of excellence

    • Cost, for some people the cost factor is a big thing because some people might not get treatment due to the huge costs in other clinics but ARC aims at providing care and it believes in keeping the cost minimum.The financial package is very affordable and this usually reduces the financial stress.
    • The ARC success program would help you to achieve what you want and these would help you get pregnant very soon.
    • The main aim of ARC IVF is to care for the patients Care is the base of humanity. The best fertility care are given by the clinic and the patients benefit from the same. Sufficient and satisfied treatment by the doctor concerned brings a smile on the faces of each of the patient. The best fertility specialists are provided by us which would make your world a whole.
    • Once you get under the care of the clinic, you need not worry as the best tools and the best medicines are provided to the patients so that the first cry of the baby can be heard by you very soon. Education, treatment and management helps in providing the best fertility care to the patients by the excellent fertility specialists.

    In Jndia there are many couples who are unable to give birth to a child even after trying for years. The reasons could be plenty. Infertility is the most common problem faced by married couples and the overall reproductive process is hindered when there is infertility.

    In Vitro Fertilization package is one such  costing package that is provided to the patients who are suffering from childlessness. Doctors at Arc help the couples to overcome many problems related to infertility. Successful results has been gathered after the treatments are done on the couples, numerous couples got the chance to become parents and got blessed with kids.

    Extending the Biological Clock

    Egg Freezing
    Fertility Preservation
    BMI Calculator

    Lifestyle & Conception Advice

    Timing And Frequency Of Intercourse
    Exercise In Moderation
    Nutrition And Fertility
    BMI And Fertility
    Alcohol And Drug

    Therapeutic Activity For Patients

    Massage Therapy
    Coping With Infertility Support Group

    Emotional Considerations
    Premarital Counseling

    Fertility Tools

    Fertility Assessment
    Gynecological Conditions And Fertility Symptoms Checker
    Ovulation Calculator
    Due Date Calculator
    Monthly Ovulation Cycle
    BMI Calculator

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Sexual Dysfunction Clinic

    Male Sexual Dysfunction
    Female Sexual Dysfunction
    Surgeries In Sexual Disorders
    Sexual Hygiene
    Medications For Sexual Dysfunction
    Erectile Dysfunction
    Ejaculatory Failures
    Decreased Sexual Desire
    Drug Induced Sexual Dysfunction
    Sex Related Diseases
    Gynaecologic Surgery

    Pelvic Laparoscopy
    Dilation And Curretage

    Stem Cell Banking


    Kolkata Doctor’s List

    1. DR. Anuradha Sarkhel, Chief Consultant

    MBBS(Hons) MS(Gynaecology & Obstetrics)Advanced training in infertility at Milan Hospital, Bangalore.

    2. DR. Ananya Sinha, Senior Consultant

    M.B.B.S,M.D(Obstetrics and Gynaecology), D.G.O,Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (D.Y Patil,Navi Mumbai)

    3. Dr Vartika Kesharwani, Consultant

    M.B.B.S, D.N.B (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine(IHR, Guwahati)

    4. Ms Soma Chakraborty

    Soma Chakraborty, IVF Coordinator at ARC International Fertility & Research Centre, Kolkata

    5. Mr Rizwan Abid, Sr.Clinical Embryologist/Operation

    Sr. Clinical Embryologist,PGD CEART,Msc Biotechnology,MBA UK,Result oriented and Ethical

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