Dr Dilip Dutta - Neurologists - Book Appointment Online Dr. Dilip Dutta

MBBS, MS, DNB, MRCS, Fellow (Neurosurgery)

17 Years of Experience.
Best Liver Transplant & Sr. Consultant – GI, Gastro-Intestinal Surgery & HPB Surgery Specialist in India
Senior Neurosurgeon ( Narayana Specialty Hospital Howrah)
Narayana Super-specialty Hospital OPD Address: 120/1 Andul Road. Near Nabanna., Howrah, West Bengal 700054
NH Hospital Kolkata Doctor Booking Helpline Number for International Patients –
+91 9433365039

Doctor Dilip Dutta Appointment Phone Contact Number:

(+91) 94-333-650-39 | 98-30-36-36-22

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    Education and Certification About Dr Dilip Dutta

    • MBBS – North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, Siliguri, 2004
      MS – General Surgery – West Bengal State University, 2012
      DNB – Neurosurgery – National Board of Examinations Ministry of Health Government of India, 2015
    • Fellowship in Neurosurgery, Kings College Hospital, London

    Associate Memberships

    • Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS)
      Neurological Society of India
      Indian Society of Neuro-Oncology (ISNO)

    Awards and Recognition

    • University medal for 1st class second in MBBS Exam – 2004
    • Gold medal in MS General Surgery Exam of IPGMER SSKM Hospital – 2012


    • 2016 – 2021 Consultant Neurosurgeon and Neuro-spine surgeon at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital
    • 2017 – 2018 Clinical Fellow in Neurosurgery at Kings College Hospital NHS Trust
    • 2012 – 2016 Clinical Resident and consultant in Neurosurgery at Park Clinic

    Unique Skills

    Neuro Surgery like High-end microscopic
    Endoscopic Surgery
    Frameless Stereotaxy and Intraoperative neural monitoring


    • Neurosurgeon
    • Spine Surgeon (Ortho)
    Neurointerventional Surgery

    Brain endoscopic surgery

    Anterior Cervical Microdiscectomy



    Neck and Spine Biopsy                                                                      
    Percutaneous Vertebroplasty for Compression Fracture
    Carotid Body Tumour Embolization   
    Head & Neck Tumour Embolization
    Spinal and Cerebral Tumor Embolization

    Language Spoken





    Research and Audit

    Prospective observational study of surgical wound dehiscence in anterior abdominal surgeries.

    Observational study of the anatomy of the posterior longitudinal ligament and its effect on the pathophysiology and prognosis of cervical myelopathy.


    Dr. Dilip Dutta – MEDIA Presence

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Dr. Dilip Dutta

    * Conditions Treated by Dr. Dilip Dutta

    A neurosurgeon is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis as well as surgical treatment of conditions of the central and peripheral nervous system, such as congenital anomalies, infections of the brain or spine, stroke, trauma, tumors, vascular disorders, or degenerative diseases of the spine. Here is a list of some of the conditions Dr. Dilip Dutta treats:

    • Brain Cancers
    • Oligodendrogliomas
    • Brain Tumor – Glioblastoma
    • Disc Desiccation
    • Acoustic Neuroma
    • Slip Disc
    • Disc Herniation
    • Mixed Gliomas
    • Vertebral Tumors
    • Disc Bulge
    • Epilepsy
    • Chronic Depression
    • Vertebral Compression Fractures
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Spinal Arthritis
    • Vertebral Hemangioma
    • Disc Pain
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Hydrocephalus
    • Brain Cancers- Astrocytoma
    • Achondroplasia
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    • Dystonia
    • Huntington’s Disease
    • Cerebral Edema
    • Glioma
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Paget’S Disease
    • Scoliosis
    • Brain Infection
    • Meningiomas
    • Tremors
    • Ependymomas
    • Pituitary Adenoma
    • Astrocytoma
    • Herniated Disc
    • Vertebral Osteoporosis
    • Csf Obstruction
    • Pinched Nerve
    • Brain Tumor
    • Disc Disease
    • Meningioma
    • Traumatic Head Injury
    • Stroke
    • Dementia
    • Aneurysm
    • Fractured Vertebra
    • Arteriovenous Malformation
    • Tourette’s Syndrome
    • Congenital Spine Disorders
    • Spinal Tumor
    • Brain Abscess
    • Disc Degeneration
    • Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors
    • High Intracranial Pressure

    *Signs and symptoms treated by Dr. Dilip Dutta

    Neurological conditions produce different symptoms ranging from mild to severe. You should never ignore any such symptoms because these may lead to severe results if left unaddressed. Some of the signs and symptoms that neurological disorders can produce are listed below.

    • Inability to maintain normal posture due to stiffness and/or pain
    • Fatigue
    • Stiffness in the low back area
    • Downward deviation of eyes or sunset sign
    • Rapidly increasing head circumference
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Seizures
    • restricting range of motion
    • Numbness or weakness in your lower back, buttock, leg or feet
    • Sleep problems
    • Muscle spasms either with activity or at rest
    • Moderate to severe pain in lower back, buttock and down your leg
    • Memory problems
    • Prominent scalp veins
    • Bulging and tense fontanelle or soft spot
    • Headaches, which may be severe and worsen with activity or in the early morning
    • Unusually large head size
    • Pain that worsens with movement; loss of movement
    • Drowsiness
    • Pins and needles feeling in your legs, toes or feet

    Neurologic symptoms are generally caused by a disorder that affects the nervous system and could vary greatly as the nervous system controls many various body functions. Symptoms can be all forms of pain and can involve muscle function, the special senses, sleep, awareness, and mental function.

    Operating Hours of Dr. Dilip Dutta

    If you wish to see Dr. Dilip Dutta in his clinic/hospital, you can visit him between 11 am and 5 pm (Monday to Saturday). The doctor doesn’t work on Sunday. Call the doctor or his attendant to confirm his/her availability because the doctor may not be available due to some personal reasons or any emergencies.

    Popular Procedures performed by Dr. Dilip Dutta

    The popular procedures that Dr. Dilip Dutta performs are listed below:

    • Brain Cancer Treatment
    • Laminectomy
    • Craniotomy
    • Scoliosis Surgery
    • Disc Replacement ( Cervical /Lumber)
    • Spinal Fusion
    • Brain Tumour Treatment
    • Deep Brain Stimulation
    • Kyphoplasty
    • Microdiscectomy

    Dr. Dilip Dutta is a renowned neurosurgeon who is known for his patient-centric approach and high success rate. The doctor evaluates the condition of the patient completely before performing any procedure to understand the risk associated with the procedure. With vast experience in performing even the most complex cases with high precision and accuracy, the doctor follows medical protocols in order to ensure patient safety. Also, the doctor is abreast with the latest techniques.


    Q. Brain Cancer Treatment

    1. Types Of Brain Cancer

    2. Brain Cancer Causes

    3. Brain Cancer Symptoms

    Q. Brain Tumour Treatment

    1. Symptoms of brain tumor

    Q. Craniotomy

    1.  Who requires a craniotomy?

    2. Types of Craniotomy

    Q. Deep Brain Stimulation

    1. What is deep brain stimulation treatment?

    Q. Disc Replacement ( Cervical /Lumber)

    1. Conditions that indicate the need for a disc replacement surgery:

    Q. Kyphoplasty 

    1.Who is the best candidate for kyphoplasty?

    Q. Laminectomy


    1.When is microdiscectomy needed?

    Q.Scoliosis Surgery

    1.Symptoms of Scoliosis

    Q. Spinal Fusion

    Q. Where does Dr. Dilip Dutta practice?


    Q. How many years of experience does Dr. Dilip Dutta have?

    17 Years of Experience

    Q: Why do patients visit Dr. Dilip Dutta?

    A. Patients frequently visit Dr. Dilip Dutta for Laminectomy, Neck and Spine Biopsy, Kyphoplasty. To see more reasons visit the doctor’s profile on Madre Health Care.


    Q. What area of specialization does Dr. Dilip Dutta have?

    A. Dr. Dilip Dutta is specialized in India and of the most sought after doctors in Brain and Spine Specialist.

    Q.Does Dr. Dilip Dutta offers Telemedicine Consultation through Madre Healthcare?

    A. Yeah! this doctor does Offer telemedicine via MadreHealthcare.

    Q.What does a Neurosurgeon do?

    A. Dr. Dilip Dutta is a renowned neurosurgeon who is known for his patient-centric approach and high success rate. The doctor evaluates the condition of the patient completely before performing any procedure to understand the risk associated with the procedure. With vast experience in performing even the most complex cases with high precision and accuracy, the doctor follows medical protocols in order to ensure patient safety. Also, the doctor is abreast with the latest techniques. Neurosurgeons are regarded as highly trained specialists who perform some of the most critical surgeries on the brain and spine. The nervous system being the most complicated part of the body needs great precision and accuracy while performing surgery. Neurosurgeons also may also consult other specialists and medical professionals as per the requirement of surgery.

    Q. When should you go to see a neurosurgeon?

    A. You need to visit a neurosurgeon if you show any of the following signs:

    1. Numbness and pain
    2. Weak grip
    3. Persistent headache/migraine
    4. Impaired movement
    5. Seizures
    6. Balance issues

    Neurosurgeons help in the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions of the nervous system. They are mostly involved in complicated surgery of the brain. They offer surgical treatment for the conditions affecting any part of the body, caused mainly due to nerve issues.

    Q. What are the various mode of payment accepted here?

    A. You can make payments Via Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Card.

    Q. What are its hours of operation?


    The establishment is functional on
    Monday:- 10:00 Am – 12:30 Pm
    Tuesday:- 10:00 Am – 12:30 Pm
    Wednesday:- 10:00 Am – 12:30 Pm
    Thursday:- 10:00 Am – 12:30 Pm
    Friday:- 10:00 Am – 12:30 Pm
    Saturday:- Closed
    Sunday:- Closed


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