Best Hair Growth Remedies for Men and Women

Hair loose is very common problem now days. Majority of population go through this. Men and women both are going through the same situation. Infact most of the male and female population become bald after 50. This is indeed terrifying news.

There are some medicines and remedies for hair growth but they never give you back the length, density. Even if you perform hair growth remedies in your hair, it is not guaranteed that it will be totally normal like you had before.

The hair growth treatments are not fake, but what I am trying to say that is if you are 50 years old and want hair like your 20 year self, then it is not possible in hair growth treatment. Hair growth treatment is very much popular in India and also in abroad. You know what Indians have the most gorgeous, thick black hair are found in India.

Other countries export hair from us. We have a great source of hair. Our hair is popular in foreign land. Now there are many Indians who talk about their hair fall story, earlier hair fall was a sign of unhealthiness. I think all of you have seen the movie “BALA” of Ayushman Khurrana.

Where he enacted as Bala the protagonist who becomes bald gradually, and can’t propose his crush. His father one day gave him the remedy of baldness, which is wig. But after all it cannot save his marriage in the last which is very sad. I think you know that hair is very important in our daily life.

Just like Bala many young men and women are now affected with hair loss. It becomes a household problem. Hair fall is very much bad condition. If your hairs are coming out with a slight touch from your scalp then you should consult doctor as soon as possible because it can be a sign of any disease. It will be better for any bald man and women who have less hair to accept the way you look.

I think it will be surprising for you, if I say that there are pros and cons of baldness in men.

Want to know about it?

I know you want to know it so, let’s start.

  • Pros of Becoming Bald in Men:

Yes! You heard that right. Baldness has its own benefits.
Let’s start with it:

  • High Level of Testosterone: Bald men tend to have high level of testosterone. They are more likely fertile. High level of testosterone has its own benefit. So, if you are bald, then don’t be sad, at least you have high level of testosterone.
  • Savings of Money: If you are bald then you don’t have to buy comb, hair gel, shampoo and oil. There is no maintenance expense for your hair. See! Baldness is equal to your more profit.
  • Good for Summer: Baldness is really very helpful in summer. Those who have hair know the struggle. But bald people don’t have to worry. These are some pros of baldness, but there are some cons of it too.
  • Cons of Baldness in Men:

Let’s talk about the cons of baldness.

  • Lack of Self Confidence: Usually bald men tend to have low self confidence. They are always concern about their appearance. The always think about other’s opinion over their baldness, which make their self confidence low.
  • Bad in Summer: Baldness is good for summer also it is bad for summer. In summer you can’t go directly in sun, if you are a bald. The sun rays will fall directly to your head, which will be bad for you.
  • Not Looking Good (According to Society): See, it’s my opinion that I prefer inner beauty more than external beauty but all are not that , If you are bald you are unattractive for society. People will avoid you, they will look down on you.

These are some pros and cons of baldness in men.

Now let’s move on to the next segment of the article.

  • What is Hair Fall and Baldness?

Before going to the remedies of hair growth, let’s talk about hair fall and baldness.

Hair fall means falling hair from your head. It can come out painlessly from scalp or it can come out when you try to comb.

50 to 100 hairs can fall daily, which is normal.

Hair fall is actually normal but to some extent.

When you have excessive hair fall and new hair stops growing then you are slowly enters into baldness, where you need hair growth remedies.

There are many causes of hair loss:

  • Illness.
  • Scalp problem.
  • Hair is not nourishing properly.
  • Breakage in hair.
  • Splitence.
  • Excessive use of chemicals in your hair.
  • Chemo therapy.

These are some causes of hair fall now going back to remedies.

1. Hair Transplantation: Hair transplantation is a useful way to stimulates the growth of your hair. It is costly, but infamous. It has some side effects. Before doing it please consult to your doctor.

2. Balance Diet: A balance diet can give back your shiny, healthy hair back. A balance diet will clean your body from toxins and all that stuffs and will generate new hair in scalp.

3. Scalp Massage: Regularly do scalp massage. Scalp massaging can bring back your growth of hair.

4. Quit Smoking: If you want a good healthy hair then quit smoking today.

5. Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth: Stem cells are unique. They can transform into any kind of cell in future. This treatment is costly, but it quickly generates the growth of hair as soon as possible.

These are some remedies of hair growth hope it will be helpful to you.

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