Best Knee replacement surgeon in kolkata

Here in this blog, I will provide you Top 10  Best knee replacement surgeon in Kolkata. Please read this article carefully.

Best Knee replacement surgeon in Kolkata

1.Dr.Vikash Kapoor

MBBS. MS.(ORTH), Fellow sports medicine (Singapore)

Joint replacement and Arthroscopic surgeon

Dr. Kapoor is Senior consultant orthopedic surgeon, with 15 Years of experience. Now he is working as director of Medica institute of orthopedic science.

He has advanced training on Musculoskeletal disorders. And he used to treat a patient suffering from joint pain, Sports and work injuries, along with Arthroscopy. He is the most experienced joint replacement surgeon in Kolkata

2. Dr. Manoj Kumar Khemani


Leading Orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata, WestBengal

Dr. Khemani is the most renowned orthopedic surgeon in Eastern India. He specialized in Fracture surgery or trauma, Arthroscopy, and joint replacement surgery. He has more than 8-year experience in the treatment of traumatic surgery. is his website; It is specially designed By Dr, Khemani to provide basic Information of orthopedic problems in a very simple and concise way, You can follow him through this website.

3.Dr. Rakesh Rajput


Orthopedic surgeon and Consultant of Knee replacement, hip replacement, joint replacement, Arthritis, Arthroscopy. Ace tabular and pelvic trauma.

Dr. Rajput is a specialist orthopedic surgeon. He used to treat sporting injuries, managing of trauma, and problems associated with hip and knee. His treatment and practice procedure started in 2004, so his experience in replacement surgery is more than 10 years.

Dr. Rakesh Rajput is famous, for his world-class treatment and care to each and every one of his patient.

4. Dr. Saumitra Sircar

Highly experienced orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata. The medical practitioner’s clinic was established in 1988. Location of the clinic at  Barisha, Kolkata. He used to treat orthopedic problems, like Knee pain, Joint pain, Arthroplasty, Trauma Surgery, Hip replacement, Knee joint replacement.

He is popular among patients, because of his diagnosis, Care, and treatment. Patient call him compassionate Ortho surgeon.

5. Dr. Kanchan Bhattacharjee

MBBS(Calcutta University orthopedic department 1982)

MNAMS, M.S( Ortho Calcutta university 1989)


Dr. Kanchan Bhattacharjee is a consultant at the department of bone and orthopedics in the joint and Bone care hospital. He has two decades of professional experience in orthopedic surgery. And treated a large number of patient in India, and provide the best care to them. He is a committed practitioner, conducted several numbers of the medical training program, and attain medical conference across the country. As he believes in the promotion of health awareness.

6. Dr. A.N Mukherjee

Mch(orthopedics), from the University of Dundee (under the Royal College of Surgeon of England)

Dr. A.N Mukherjee is the most distinguished consultant and orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata. He has more than 25 years of experience in this field.

7. Dr. Debasish Naskar

MBBS, MS(Orthopedic)

Dr. Debasish Naskar is an orthopedic surgeon. Expert in joint replacement, Knee replacement, and sports injury. Trauma and Complex fractures. He recommends Ilizarov surgery for open fracture and deformity correction. He has seven years of experience in different specialties of orthopedics. Dr. Debasish Naskar now attach with the JIM hospital and medical college, IRIS Hospital Kolkata.

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8. Dr. Jyoti Prakash

Bachelor in medicine, Bachelor in surgery.MS (orthopedic)

Dr.Jyoti Prakash is a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata. He is carrying more than 10 years of experience. He used to treat the patients suffering from bone injuries, and joint pain. As per information he is attached with Lakhotia medical center. Mohini residential, 10 No, Doctor Abani Dutta road Golabari Kolkata.

He is favorite orthopedic surgeon among patients, because of his polite behavior, and extensive care, and excellent treatment. He is available for consultation off the line and online.

  1. 9. Dr. B.Sarkar


Dr.Sarkar is a popular orthopedic surgeon in Jodhpur Park, Kolkata. He has more than 18 years of experience. And admired by a large number of patient, because of his treatment and Guidance. He established his personal clinic at Jodhpur park, So you can visit him at his jodhpur park clinic. He specialized in Orthopedic Surgery, Joint replacement surgery, Trauma surgery, and accidental injuries. So, Take a consultation, after advance booking.

  1. 10. Dr. Arindam Majumdar


Dr. Majumdar is a popular orthopedic specialist in Kolkata Barasat area. He has 3 years of experience in orthopedic treatment. You can consult with doctor Majumdar at Bone and Joint Clinic in barasat.

Hope this article is helpful for You, Madre health care team to try to guide you with correct information of best knee replacement surgeon in Kolkata. You can check their website, and take consultation offline as well as online.

Take care of your health, as we all know health is our precious wealth!!!

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