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In the modern age, Chronic knee pain is a very common problem worldwide. Chronic Knee pain is different from temporary knee pain. Many people suffer from temporary knee pain due to accident, injury, but chronic knee pain caused due to overweight majorly. People suffering from chronic knee pain found themselves difficult to walk, for a long period, and hamper their regular life.

Different factors associated with Long term Knee pain. Lots of biological components control the Knee joint activity. If any of the components of the knee is not working efficiently, Knee function gets disturbed. Inflammation, pain and other symptoms alert the upcoming Knee problems. Madre health care team is working on this.

What is the reason behind chronic knee pain?

Different disease, the abnormal physical condition may induce Chronic Knee pain. Here I will tell you some of them.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis is an Autoimmune disorder. The major cause of Chronic Knee pain. It causes joint pain for both arm and leg, can damage your body. Early medication is necessary to cure this inflammatory disease, otherwise, it can cause long term joint pain.

Osteoarthritis:  Osteoarthritis is very common among Arthritis, a large number of people suffering from Osteoarthritis worldwide. Osteoarthritis damage joints of the hip, knee, hand, and spine.

Gout: Gout is also a big reason behind arthritis. A high concentration of uric acid promotes Gout.

Tendinitis: Major complications in Tendon namely as Tendinitis. This Causes inflammation In tendon tissue. This happens due to injury of tendon tissue. ( Maybe at the time of sports or accidental injury). In maximum case, tendinitis takes place due to overuse of the tendon. So tendinitis is more prone to adult.

Bursitis: Bursitis is also likely happened due to injury or overuse of the knee during sports, outdoor games.

Meniscus tear: when cartilage tissue of knee gets disrupted.

Dislocation of the Knee cap and bone tumor also the reason behind Chronic Knee pain.

Chronic knee pain
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Some factors may increase the chronic knee pain


  • Overweight, Obesity
  • Lack of exercise, lack of physical activity
  • Or overuse of Knee ( Sports, gaming)
  • Fracture or injury, which was initially neglected
  • Bad posture at the time of Physical activity
  • Bone infection
  • Inappropriate muscle stretching.

Researchers and doctors focus on obesity and said that Obesity is the main contributor to chronic knee pain. If you gain excess one pound of weight, your knee absorbs extra four pounds of pressure at the time of physical activity like running, walking, Climbing stairs.

I hope now you can understand the importance of the physical activity.

There are some common symptoms of Chronic Knee Pain

Symptoms may be different for a different person, it completely depends on weight, sex, and age. Although there are some common symptoms, we can observe. Like

Constant joint pain of arm, knee

Inflammation, swelling at the joint area

Uncomfortable burning sensation (affected area).

Diagnosis procedure

The doctor used to conduct multiple diagnostic procedures to ensure the reason behind long term knee ache. Some common diagnostic procedure is:

A blood test to detect the uric acid level of the patient.

Different Physical test

CT scan


X-Ray to detect the exact problem

The doctor recommends treatment according to the physical condition of the patient, the reason for chronic pain.

The treatment procedures

Each different cause of recurrent knee pain has different treatment procedure.  There are some common Knee joint pain treatment



Ayurveda (Specially India)


Surgery (Relocation of bole, and establish a metal plate)

How we can prevent, and get relief from Knee pain

You can alleviate the risk of chronic knee pain, by maintaining few things, although you can’t completely avoid all reasons for knee pain, like bone injury and bone tumor.

Here we discuss some method to prevent chronic knee pain

  • Don’t overuse your knee during physical activity. Follow 10-15 minutes warm-up routine before exercise. Stretch your muscle before and after doing vigorous exercise.
  • Reduce your weight, as I told that, Obesity is the main contributor to the long term pressure on your Knee.
  • Do some light impacted exercise, instead of high impact exercise, because Overuse of the knee may increase your Pain.
  • Always try to choose paved surface instead of rough surface, as non-uniform roads may be hazardous to your leg, joint area.
  • Take support, If you feel uncomfortable to walk alone. It will share the pressure of Knee.


In this article, I have discussed the cause, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic knee treatment. It is not a serious issue if it is treated early. The doctor said prevention is better than cure, so people should maintain their weight to avoid excess pressure of Knee. Be alert at the time of exercise, Sports as overuse of muscle may generate Chronic knee ache.

Take care of yourself, take care of your health, as we all know Health is wealth, health should be your first priority.










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