consequence of delaying knee replacement surgery

What are the consequences of delaying knee replacement surgery!!!

If you are suffering from chronic knee pain, or arthritis or Osteoarthritis, damage your joint area. Orthopedic surgeon definitely recommends You to do replacement surgery. Then you should not delay the surgery. Because it is very important

Do you know the consequences of delaying Knee replacement surgery??

Many patients worldwide suffering from pain, and they need relief too, but the procrastinate the surgery procedure, maybe due to fear of surgery or due to the cost of replacement surgery. Therefore they continue to delay the surgery procedure and stick with simple medication, cortisone injection, or pain relief injection.

This is very true that surgery is difficult, but it will give you permanent relief from severe knee pain. Artificial knee construction will give you a new life, and painless movement.

So if you are suffering from pain, and severe joint problem. And the doctor suggested you do Knee replacement surgery. You should not delay with this procedure.

Here I will tell you the Consequences of delaying knee replacement surgery. Which will open up your eyes, and encourage to do surgery as soon as possible.

What are the risk factors, Consequences of delaying Knee replacement surgery!!!

Increase the stiffness of your joint

If you continue to delay your surgery procedure, joint pain due to arthritis will increase. And stiffness of the joint also increases. Joint muscle also becomes weak. Due to lack of movement (obviously due to arthritis pain) joint capsule, muscle, and ligament get contracted, and that leads to stiffness.

So here surgery is the permanent solution to remove stiffness.

Deformity of joint

Arthritis develops gradually day by day, over the period of month and year.  And Osteoarthritis causes joint deformity. Majorly people suffering from osteoarthritis, there will be deformity of joints.(Bow legged or knock-kneed deformity.

In the case of hip arthritis, bone and cartilage wear away. and, leg length becomes short. And this kind of deformity creates severe problem in regular life.

Deformity of any kind of joint (Knee or Hip) requires extensive surgery. And need an immediate solution.

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Compensatory problems

Compensatory issues are the most controversial problem of delaying Knee replacement surgery. Till the present reason for developing complementary problem not clear.

But doctors statistically observed that,  If someone suffering from single-leg knee pain, after a few months to a year, he /she will suffer from another knee pain. So delaying of surgery is not recommend to an arthritis patient.

Doctor suggests that patient with osteoarthritis or severe hip arthritis experience back pain.

Know about the medical health condition

Yes!! Know about medical health condition before your surgery.  If you plan to perform your surgery by a competent surgeon, he will definitely overcome the technical difficulties, health problem before surgery.

Main health problem is aging and reduced physical activities. People who are suffering from arthritis for a long time, reduced endurance, a pulmonary disorder, and huge weight gain are a common problem for them.

So in the above cases, the doctor first suggests you lose your weight, fixed to a nutritional diet. And give some medicine first to handle pain. Then he will advise you to follow some rule before knee replacement surgery.



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