How to take Hormone replacement treatment after menopause

Hormone replacement therapy is is a very well known medication after menopause, due to some discomforts like vaginal dryness, hot flashes, anxiety, and depression. Doctors often recommend HRT treatments…

But the big question is “How to take Hormone Replacement therapy”??

After menopause women body cannot produce sufficient hormone, which is responsible for post menopause symptoms. Then the doctor recommends hormone medicine to meet the body requirements.

Consult with your doctors “How to take Hormone Replacement Therapy”


Hormone replacement therapy is the best tool to prevent post menopause symptoms. But like every treatment or therapy, HRT also has some negative sides. It may suddenly increase the risk of endometrial cancer, Strokes, and blood cancer.

So consult with the doctor before starting your new journey for Hormone replacement therapy is a very important part.

Ask him “How to take hormone replacement therapy”? You need to understand Hormone replacement therapy

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He will be able to suggest whether Hormone treatment is good for you or not. And what type of hormone treatment is suitable for your health, according to your severity of symptoms.

How to take Hormone replacement therapy
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The doctor recommends Hormone treatment in some cases:

  • Premature Ovarian insufficiency? (POI) : This is also known as early menopause. Sometimes young girls having POI, In this condition the doctor prescribes HRT treatment for young girls, to correct their menstrual cycle.
  • The right type of hormone treatment is very important, otherwise, it will negatively impact on your body, and there would be the risk of heart disease, blood clot, and cancer. So Doctor would ask you about your medical history, previous hormone medication (if any), and particular menopause symptoms.
  • Before starting the Hormone replacement treatment, the doctor would suggest for some checkup. A blood test to know about your hormone level, to pick up the right method of hormone treatment for you. So throughout the process, you need to meet with your consultant doctor on a regular basis. Because the doctor will monitor your symptoms and adjust your dosage.

Use a lower dose of estrogen Pills to prevent moderate or mild menopause symptoms

In major cases, Hormone replacement treatment begins with a low dose of estrogen pills. The doctor recommends a single pill per day, at the same time of the day, to regulate the daily hormone cycle.

The doctor will prescribe for the blood test, in a 3-month interval of time, to check your hormone level, how the estrogen pill works in your body. Then he will adjust the estrogen dose accordingly. As estrogen help relieves from common menopause symptoms like night-sweat, hot flash, vaginal dryness, mood swings.

Synthetic estrogen hormone can be found as a gel, Patch, spray alternative to oral estrogen pills. They are also known as topical estrogen medicine. The different pharmaceutical company produces estrogen in a different form, as a topical hormone, that can be applied to a different part of the body.


Estradiol patches are applicable to the dry skin of buttock and belly.


Estrogel is a cream-based form of estrogen hormone, that and this product is applicable to arm, wrist and another part of the female body.

Doctor suggests topical hormone treatment, instead of oral hormone medicine for the person, who has a liver problem.

Combine Hormone replacement therapy using Estrogen and Progesterone

Combine therapy using Estrogen and Progesterone decrease the risk of endometrial cancer, or breast cancer. Generally, combine medicines come in tablet or pill form.

Combine therapy prevents the risk of weak bone, Osteoporosis, and boost up your energy level. The doctor may prescribe combine therapy, with both of the hormones in a consistent course, or in an alternative manner. That completely depends upon your intensity of symptoms.

There are some low dose vaginal products to manage post menopause vaginal symptoms

Low dose vaginal estrogen hormone can manage the vaginal dryness, and certain vaginal symptoms. That vaginal spray minimizes the vaginal absorption.  A pharmaceutical company prepare different kinds of vaginal product like the ring, spray, or ointment

Here as we say dosage is different for person to person, so talk to your doctor, to know how much dose s appropriate for you.


Every treatment or therapy has its positive or negative side. Hormone treatment also has some risk factors like breast tenderness, cardiovascular problems, or blood clot, vaginal bleeding, or cancer in the uterus. So consultation with doctors may reduce the risk, they will measure the hormonal dose according to your intensity of symptoms.



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