ivf twins

The number of infertile patients in our country is rising every year.IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is a type of assisted reproductive technology which involves a series of procedures to treat fertility and assist with the conception of a child. Multiple births or IVF twins are familiar in this kind of infertility treatment as multiple eggs are fertilized at the same time and transferred back into the uterus.

Only around 3% of spontaneous pregnancies result in multiple births, meaning that they are a rare occurrence. With IVF treatment the chances of multiple pregnancies can rise as much as 33%.

Multiple births and their risk

ivf twins
IVF Twins

This Ivf technology can treat problems such as blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or simply a decline in fertility due to the patient’s age. Still, there is an increased risk associated with this. Multiple births can be risky as it has been linked to babies with lower birth weight, perinatal and infant mortality, preterm delivery, and disability.

Therefore the risks involved in multiple births are higher than in single births. Recently treatment is possible to avoid these risks. Therefore the success rates range from 37% per embryo transfer leading to a live birth for patients under 30 years to 8.8% per embryo transfer leading to a live birth for patients over 40 years. 

How to conceive IVF twins?

A woman can conceive twins in two ways. In the first case, when ovaries release two eggs at the time of ovulation, both are fertilized and become embryos. This results in fraternal, or nonidentical twins. Older women and women who undergo fertility treatments are likely to have twins as well.

Fertility prescriptions are one of the most successful approaches to get pregnant with twins. They increase fertility by stimulating sperm or egg production. If more eggs are produced, it’s more likely that more than one egg will be released and fertilized. Hence Clomiphene and Gonadotropins are the most common fertility drugs.

Twinning rates

There are High twinning rates throughout Central Africa and in several countries. This particular incidence is higher than in Nigeria. With 27.9 twins per thousand births, Benin has the most leading national average. Even Latin America stands in the same line of national twinning rate.

Remember the risk

If you want you can go for IVF twins with IVF technology. According to doctors, it’s risky to go for IVF twins intentionally. As compared to having one baby, twins are more likely to have serious and even life-threatening health problems. Twins are more endangered than single babies but have limited risk than triplets, quadruplets.

Can fertile couples take IVF treatment for twins?

 IVF is not an easy procedure there are lots of steps included, this surgery is primarily done by the twosomes who are incapable to conceive naturally. But are wanting to have a child of their own. Though the surgery techniques are flourishing now with the use of the latest procedures. Although, after which it requires a lot of patience.

Couples who can easily conceive, doctors would advise them to try and conceive naturally. Also, there is no guarantee that through IVF treatment that you will have twins.

Additionally, striving to produce twins through IVF will also be more hard and challenging for moms. The surgeons ordinarily implant 2 or 3 embryos at a period. There are may or may not be likelihoods that all of the embryos will proceed. Either 1 or 2, or even none of them may enter your fallopian tubes. Sadly, the surgeon has no control over this.

An ethical doctor generally does not support to undertake IVF with the intention of having twins. Especially, if the couple can conceive naturally. Multiple pregnancies by IVF may double the risk to the mum.


Lastly, having twins may sound desirable for many couples. Because twins double up the joy at every stage of parenting. However, the best choice should be to aim for a healthy baby. It is advisable to consult with your doctor and follow their recommendations and tips for a healthy pregnancy. Then you can go with one or multiple babies aboard.

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