Is knee replacement surgery safe in India

The orthopedic problem is a big problem after a certain age, Irrespective of gender, Is Knee Replacement Surgery Safe In India!! this is a common question people often ask…

As per data, India considered as the hub of best orthopedic doctors and Hospitals.  Doctors are highly qualified, along with many years of experience.

Name of the best Knee replacement surgeon, who are very popular for their world-class treatment of joints, and Knee replacement surgery, Like.

Dr. Pradeep Sharma of BLK hospital

Dr. IPS Oberoi of Artemis hospital

Dr. Ashoke  Raj Gopal  of Fortis memorial  research Institute

Dr. Narendra Vaidya of Lokmanya Hospital

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There are lots of Orthopedic hospitals, with good infrastructure and world-class facility, and excellence treatment, with affordable cost.

Therefore patient not only gets the best treatment India, But also get the best rehabilitation process, and guidance to speed up recovery.

What is the success rate of Knee replacement surgery in India??

90% replacement surgery patient satisfied with their treatment in India and  95% patient-reported speedy recovery, and satisfied with Indian hospital treatment procedure.

Approximately 9 out of 10 replacement surgery last for 10 Years and * out of 10 surgery stay more than 20 Years. Depending on the health condition of the patient and his/her activity level.

Most of the people go for knee joint replacement surgery after 50 years. According to the statistical report, the average age of the patient is 65-70 years. And 60% of the patient are women. Orthopedic treatment in India has a high success rate and that considered as relatively effective and safe, and long-lasting.

A successful total or partial knee replacement surgery can give you high quality of Life, better flexibility, easy mobility, and reduced pain.

After the US , India is the country where a Knee replacement surgery procedure is highly successful. That may be due to high-quality rehabilitation process followed by the veteran doctors, after surgery. Is Knee Replacement Surgery Safe In India!!

If you want a speedy recovery after Knee replacement surgery, you should take part in a properly tuned active ReHub program.

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Knee replacement treatment in India

Knee checkup and Knee replacement surgery held in a different hospital in India. Patients come from abroad to checkup, because of quality treatments, and cost-effectiveness. These facilities attract international patients. This is really proud of India. Indian orthopedic surgeon is highly competent in their field.

Name of best Knee replacement hospital  In India

  • Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, that is a joint commission International. NABH accredited.
  • Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon. This is one of the largest Indian super-specialty hospitals. Situated in Delhi Gurgaon. This hospital is founded by eminent cardiac surgeon Dr. Naresh Trehan. It is well known for highest slandered medical treatment along with Clinical research, education and medical training.
  • Columbia Asia Yeshwantpur. This is a comprehensive super specialty hospital. Situated in Bangalore. This is considered as one of the best hospitals in India. That established in 2008.
  • Fortis Medical Research Institute This renowned hospital situated In three continent. India, Dubai, Mauritius. Famous for its world-class facility, and treatment procedure.
  • Wockhardt Hospital, situated In Mira Road. inaugurated In 2014. Famous for their cardiac and orthopedic department. This is also famous for Nephrology, internal medicine, and  Cosmetology, bariatric surgery
  • Indra pastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. This is an acute care multi-specialty hospital, famous for its emergency support.


is knee replacement surgery safe in india
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 Here our Madre health care team discussed the success rate of total knee replacement surgery. introduce with the renowned doctor and best hospitals. Above mentioned hospital are well known for their diagnosis and treatment. They prefer to use most advanced technology, for diagnosis procedure, so that you can best treatment, without burning your pocket. They have the stae-of-art facility, with modern infrastructure.

Due to so much innovation in medical science in India, national , and international patients prefer to come here for there treatment.

Hope this information is helpful. Do follow the Madre health care team to Know more tips and health guidance.



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