IVF pregnancy tests

A number of couples and individuals who are going through Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the In Vitro Fertilization processes.  Many women are not sure about when to go for pregnancy tests. They are anxious about whether they are pregnant or not. The wonderful way for couples to prepare themselves for this phase is by understanding how IVF pregnancy tests are. 

Ivf pregnancy tests at home 

Pregnancy tests identify a hormone which is referred to as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. It is also known as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone is found in urine as well as in blood. This hormone is only produced when the embryo is fixed and attains stability and which are implanted in the walls of the endometrium of the woman. Patients who are involved in Ivf pregnancy tests which are scheduled earlier for their serum HCG level. Many women prefer these IVF pregnancy tests. . Dr. Gautam Khastagir is an IVF specialist in Kolkata, who also looks after gynaecological health problems 

Home pregnancy tests have started in the year 1970s. Many brands usually exist, which are claiming to be the best and the fastest but the premise is the same. A test strip on the device is usually saturated in urine and a certain line appears next to the line of control line if it is positive


Accuracy of home tests versus the accuracy of the blood tests 

A study suggests that in the year 1998 showed that the accuracy rates of the tests at home are 75% because consumers did not understand the directions and some didn’t even follow them. 

The blood test is Always more accurate because at home the test may show the opposite results. This happens mostly that the reading is negative pregnancy test after IVF but pregnant or might also be falsely positive. The tests show that you are pregnant but you are not and it can also show that you are not pregnant but you are. 

There is another factor to consider is whether the HCG trigger injection is induced for ovulation. These injections are mainly used in the fertility cycles. 

False-positive results might also take place when the kit is expiring or it is over the window of 3-5 mins. A serum test gives a quantitative reading which means you would definitely receive an actual number. It is to make sure that the level is rising. 

What threats false readings cause 

Home IVF pregnancy tests and getting a reading which is false whether positive or negative might pose as a threat because it may lead to inappropriate or wrong treatment or stoppage of treatment. Women are usually on progesterone after the fertility procedures and after getting a negative at-home test.

One might discontinue it and this can be very bad for pregnancy a blood draw is always needed to make sure that the woman is actually pregnant or not.

The first ultrasound after IVF would determine that the baby of the pregnant woman is receiving enough blood or not. The ultrasound should always be done after the 6th or 7th week of pregnancy. This helps us determine a lot of things during pregnancy.

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