Cause of knee pain and home remedies

People often search for Knee pain and home remedies to get relief from it, on the internet.

As Knee pain is common complication among major of the people of all ages. The cause may be different, including disrupted ligament or torn cartilage, Some medical condition like Gout, arthritis, infections, or some accidental injury during sports, outdoor game, or heavy exercise. You need to consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis, treatment, and medications.

Apart from medications, physiotherapy and Knee support belt also give relief from sustainable knee pain. In this article, we have discussed the reason behind knee pain and home remedies for treatment.

Common symptoms of Knee pain and home remedies

The severity and area of knee pain may vary, according to gender and age. There are some common symptoms of Knee pain, which should not be ignored

  • Inflammation, and stiffness
  • Redness and pain to the touch of the affected area of the knee
  • Unable to fully straighten the leg. (locking up the Knee)
  • Instability, weakness, unable to walk or run properly.
  • Difficult to hold weight. Regular life becomes disturbed.

Physiotherapy suggests about the treatment of knee pain and home remedies to maintain a good orthopedic health


When we should go to the doctor??

Consult with your doctor If you face major problems with Knee pain. Like

  • Unable to fully bend your knee or locking up knee,
  • Suffering from severe pain, fever, inflammation in your knee.
  • Deformity and instability in your leg.

Immediate doctor consultation is important to know the proper reason and medication. Don’t delay this process.


What are the causes of Knee pain and home remedies to cure it ??

There are three types of Knee pain.

  • Chronic pain/ Overuse of Knee
  • Acute injury
  • Medical condition

Chronic Pain or Overuse Condition

Overuse of knee for rigorous physical activity or outdoor game, sports are responsible for Chronic Knee Pain.

Prepatellar bursitis: Swelling Up of bursa or fluid-filled Sac of Knee cap is responsible for Chronic Knee Pain.

Osteoarthritis: This is the most well-known arthritis also known as “ Wear and tear arthritis”. Aging is the main reason behind it. Maximum patients belong to above 50 age group. Swelling and inflammation is the main cause behind Knee joint pain.

Patellar tendinitis: Tendon Connects the Knee Cap to the shinbone. Tendinitis means inflammation of the tendon. Tendon is the collection of solid tissue. If you do some rigorous exercise or Overuse your Knee, tendons get affected. It may also be known as “Jumper Knee” as constant use or jumping is the main reason for tendon soreness and Pain (Patellar tendinitis).

Patellofemoral pain syndrome: Muscle stiffness, imbalance, and alignment problem of the leg are the main reason for Patellofemoral pain syndrome. It cause “Buckling” that means suddenly Your knee can’t bear your body weight, you feel pain in Knee area. Women are majorly suffering from Patellofemoral pain syndrome more than male.

Medical Condition


Medical condition promotes long term or Chronic knee pain

Rheumatoid arthritis: This is the autoimmune disorder, that can affect the joints of our body. Rheumatoid arthritis causes long term joint pain, inflammation, and disability.

Septic or infectious arthritis: Septic arthritis caused due to infection in the knee joint area. This kind of infection leads to fever(>100), Pain and Inflammation. Hence the doctor recommends a high dose of antibiotics and drainage treatment,  to cure Septic arthritis.

Quick blood test and immediate treatment procedure are much needed to cure Septic or infectious arthritis.

Gout: Gout is basically caused due to the accumulation of uric acid, that is commonly occurring in big toe and Knee. Gout is extremely painful. Males are majorly suffering from Gout nowadays.

Acute Knee Injury


The injury affects generally tendon. Knee cap, ligament, bursae (Fluid-filled Sac) around the Knee joint and bones, and cartilage. All injury needs immediate medical attention, to recover properly. There are some common injuries included

Fracture: Knee bone or knee cap might be broken during a car accident or motor vehicle collision.

Torn meniscus: Meniscus acts as a shock absorber of thighbone and Shinbone. Also, it is made of tough cartilage tissue. A torn meniscus is the result of a sudden twist of your knee, during exercise, or weight lifting. So avoid jumping, weight lifting or severe exercise.

ACL injury: ACL means Anterior Cruciate ligament. ACL connects thighbone to the shinbone. An ACL injury is common for the Player, sportsman, who needs a sudden change of direction.

Apart from three types of complication, there is another reason for Knee pain like


Lack of muscle flexibility

Previous injury

Sudden sports.

Knee pain treatment and home remedies
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There are some natural home remedy to cure Your Knee pain. (knee pain and home remedies)


You have to follow some basic things to get rid of Knee pain. So here we discuss some home remedies to relief from pain. Now most of the people are health conscious, so aware of the cause of knee pain and home remedies


1. Don’t sit too for too long

Our lifestyle, and lack of physical activity, as our sedentary jobs are responsible for physical inactiveness, promotes Muscle and joint pain. Change your lifestyle first. Because Too much sitting will weaken your muscle strength. Increase your joint pain. Do regular Yoga and walking at least 30 minutes, To increase your blood circulation. Yoga strengthens your muscle.


2. Exercise

Cardio exercise increases the strength of muscle, as It increases Your Knee flexibility. You have to Concentrate on your weight management. And body stretching. Because increased body weight share extra pressure with  knee

Cardio including walking, aerobics, and swimming are best for muscle, joint, and knee.


3. Use acupuncture

Acupuncture is alternative medicine, a part of Chinese traditional medicine. So It is widely used to get relief from body pain.


4. Use a walking aid or support system

Don’t feel shy to use a walking aid. As a cane or Crutch can share stress from your Knee. This walking aid acts as a Knee support system.

5. Avoid high impact exercise

Please avoid high impact exercise, as this would give excess stress on your Knee. Avoid kickboxing, Running, Jumping. Sudden movement or sudden direction Change. Because sudden movement shares large pressure in small time on your knee, which is very harmful to Knee muscle.


6. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is good for Knee pain treatment. Because, the body stretching and Right posture of Knee increase the muscle strength, make more stable. So, Consult with Physiotherapist, along with your doctor for a more better result, and long term benefits.



Lastly, the RICE method. Very effective home remedy to relief from Knee pain is RICE method.

R= Rest: Take rest; give some rest to your Knee joint from regular activity.

I= Ice:   Use Ice to reduce redness, Inflammation, and Pain

C=Compress: compression bandage prevents swelling and inflammation. It helps to maintain good knee posture. It should not be too tight or too light.

Elevate:  Elevate gives you relief from constant joint pain.

Follow this simple RICE method regularly.





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