Baby born from In Vitro Fertilization

Motherhood is the most beautiful phenomena for women. Each girl wants to be a mother and want to enjoy the taste of motherhood.

“Having children just put the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears”

                                                                                                                           Kate Winslet

God gives the power of creativity to women. They can bring a new life into the earth. She tolerates pain and does sacrifice to give birth to a baby. But Some time we can see some difficulties, that may interrupt the whole reproductive process. that may be due to female reproductive issue or male sperm quality problems. There are lots of treatment procedure which can resolve the reproductive complications. Like Hormone treatment, Surrogacy, and In vitro fertilization

In this article, we are going to discuss the most popular fertilization treatment ” In vitro fertilization.”

What is In vitro fertilization??

Have you ever read about In vitro fertilization? Are you facing problems to get pregnant, then IVF can be a good solution for you. Here we are going to discuss the detail of the IVF process.

In vitro fertilization is known as Artificial Planned Parenthood.  This technique support fertilization, embryo implantation, and development. This process will establish your pregnancy.

In Vitro fertilization and Child birth
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How does the In vitro fertilization work for a woman?

It is one of the best well-known Assistant in Reproductive Technology. IVF technology is a combination process of medicine and surgery. These multiple processes promote fertilization of egg through sperm. And this fertilized egg will implant in your uterus.

Primarily doctor will give you some hormone medicine that promotes maturation of eggs, prepare for artificial fertilization. After that doctor collects the mature egg from your body, mixes them with the sperm of your partner. The whole process performs in the laboratory so that this process is called In vitro. In addition, the sperm will fertilize your mature egg in-vitro, not in-vivo.In-vivo means in your body.

After that, the doctor will put one or more fertilized eggs, into your inner lining of uterus directly So that you can get pregnant.

In vitro fertilization is very complicated as well as a lengthy process. So, It used to take a very long period to complete. Sometimes you will not get success in the first trial, so, you need to go for the second round. If you are facing problems regarding fertility, IVF or In vitro fertilization definitely, ameliorate the ease of pregnancy.

But This process is little expensive, So maximum people of the developing country can’t afford this upgraded fertilization process.

Step by step details of In vitro fertilization (IVF) process

Medication, the preparation stage of In-vitro Fertilization

The First step of In vitro fertilization is proper medication for three to six months. Hormone medicines that promote fertility, will increase egg production through ovaries. Production and maturation of eggs in ovaries mainly known as Ovulation. And these mature eggs are ready for fertilization. Doctors may suggest you do a monthly blood test or ultrasound, and That report will reveal your hormonal level and track your egg production.

Egg retrieval, the vital step of In vitro fertilization

When your ovaries start to produce a decent number of mature eggs, the doctor collects the eggs from your body (Egg retrieval). This is a minor surgery, done in the fertility clinic. At first, the doctor runs an Ultrasound, to observe your body condition, then he put a needle, connected with the suction device through your vagina, and into the ovarian follicle. This suction device is looking like a thin hollow tube. In addition, the adjoining needle collects the mature eggs from your every follicle.

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The doctor collects your eggs and then mixes it with the sperm of your partner, or desirable donor, into the laboratory. And egg and sperm stored together in a tube, to promote fertilization. If fertilization successfully happens, the cell division process takes place. Where fertilized eggs convert into the embryo.

Lab technicians used to take care and observe the development of the embryo.

Embryo insertion

After three to seven days of egg retrieval, the doctor establishes single or multiple embryos directly into your uterus, That is also known as Embryo transfer. Here doctors slide an insertion tube through your cervix area and set the embryo into the uterus.

The probability of pregnancy depends on different factors, such as age, and some genetic cause of infertility, level of hormones.

If anyone of the embryos gets placed into the inner lining of the uterus, you can expect a positive pregnancy report. You should take rest, at least one day after embryo insertion.

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Why the In vitro fertilization consider as the best fertility technique

Doctor recommend In vitro fertilization to a couple, if the woman is suffering from genetic fertility problems, or over age reproductive problems, or some Gynaecological issues. This is the most important topic for the women of motherhood. So here we discuss them briefly.

Genetic problems

If you or your partner is suffering from some genetic disease, which may transfer to your child, Then you both need to go for genetic testing or genetic counseling, before starting the IVF procedure. So that you can avoid Chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus.

So, After egg fertilization, the embryo also send for genetic screening. That used to detect the genetic abnormalities. Some time very minute genetic abnormalities cannot detect, as they are not predominate.

Fertility preservation

 If a patient is suffering from the initial stage of cancer, and chemotherapy or radiation treatment is just about to start, Then the fertility or production of the egg of cancer patient may reduce. In this case, fertility preservation plays a vital role in childbirth. Doctor retrieves eggs from patient’s ovaries. And frozen it in the unfertilized state, or fertilized them with donor’s sperm, induce embryo development. Then this embryo preserves in frozen condition. For future use.

This is a very effective technique to preserve healthy eggs.

Female reproductive abnormalities

Fallopian tube blockage or damage

Fallopian tube blockage or damage makes trouble, for fertilization of the egg. So IVF technique use to fertilized an egg and implantation to the uterus lining.

Ovulation problems

if the patient is suffering from impaired ovulation, IVF can be beneficial for them.

Uterine fibroids

The fibroid is a benign tumor, and this kind of benign tumor often takes place in the inner wall of the uterus. This is also known as Cystic fibrosis. That makes a lot of difficulties at the time of egg implantation. But Now many women of 30 to 45 age are suffering from uterine fibroids, it is really a piece of bad news for us. This is the main reason behind the late pregnancy.


Endometriosis takes place when uterine tissue develops outside the uterus. So It is really a big obstacle in the way of pregnancy. Because Endometriosis often affected the function of ovaries and fallopian tube. Disturb major function of the uterus.

Male reproductive abnormality

Low sperm count or impaired sperm production is a big obstacle in the way of pregnancy. As a powerful sperm only fertilized the egg. Too many things depend upon the quality of sperm.  Poor mobility of sperm, low sperm concentration, or abnormalities in size or shape of the sperm, causes difficulties in egg fertilization.

If these kinds of abnormalities found in your partner, he must consult with a specialist, to increase sperm count and quality.


Normal Side effects of In vitro fertilization during the

treatment period

Mood swings

Abdominal pain

Hot flash

Headache, Depression



Breast tenderness


Abdominal cramp

These symptoms are normal after IVF medication. So there is no reason for tension.

Abnormal side effect associated with In vitro fertilization

There are a few side effects, which you may face,


Blood in urine

Pelvic Pain

Heavy vaginal bleeding

If you experience these kinds of symptoms, you should consult with the doctor immediately. Because It may be the symptom of miscarriage.

Additional Risk associated with the IVF process

There are many potential risks at the time of planned fertilization process. They may be severe, or normal. They are mentioned below

Egg retrieval

Egg retrieval process increases the risk of bleeding, infection, damage of bladder.

Risk of multiple pregnancies

IVF increases the risk of multiple pregnancies, and  Research suggests that multiple pregnancies through IVF increase the chance of early labor and low birth weight. So a couple should try for normal fertilization first rather than IVF.

Here we have to remember that the IVF success rate decreases with the increase of women’s age, due to lack of good quality of the eggs.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Do you know about Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome? This is the most popular risk factor among all. As different fertility promoting hormonal medicine, like Human Gonadotrophic hormone used to induce Ovulation.And That cause Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Where ovaries get swollen. Generates lower abdominal pain.

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is something different from a normal pregnancy. Because in this case, the fertilized egg develops outside of the uterus, Mostly in the fallopian tube. So It is also known as “Tubal pregnancy”. And IVF process increases the risk of Ectopic pregnancy, promote complexity.



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