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Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka State, is one of the biggest and most happening cities in India. This city is a popular tourist destination and attracts millions of tourists from around the world. Bangalore is also an influential station for medical tourists. Why? Due to it’s umpteen number of world-class medical institutions and doctors who hold experience in their subject. These are the highlights of Bangalore Medical Tourism. Medical Tourism Agencies in Bangalore, look after these aspects for their health travelers.

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You can reach Bangalore easily, as it’s connectivity by air to most of the major cities in the world is excelling. Here the same treatments cost you 10 times less than what you would be paying in USA or Europe with the higher success rate of treatments as compared to other developed countries

India is today amongst the best 5 countries in Medical Tourism gratefulness to the expansion of its private sector in current years, linked with worldwide known doctors (some of whom who disciplined themselves in countries like the U.S.) in top private hospitals that are accredited by the Joint Commission International & the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers.

In Fact, all new drugs and medicines launched in the world are launched simultaneously in India too. The highly skilled doctors trained in the West are available in Bangalore too. With practically no waiting period and prompt access to medical assistance for medical tourists. Besides, India has a rich cultural heritage that is worth exploring, making it an excellent tourist destination.

  Bangalore is one of the top hubs for Medical Facilities, here’s a list of renowned Medical Tourism Agencies in Bangalore:

  • UF Medical Tourism is known for the exceptional value they provide to their clients. UF Medical Tourism has an association with the best hospitals in India, professionals and experienced surgeons. They cater to all the chapters of medical tourism.

  • Also, guides you at every step by connecting you to India’s top qualified doctors. Even for the best in class hospitals for the best medical treatment. In Fact, they help clients in choosing the best location according to their requirements and tackles traveling hassle too.

  • Doctorvalley, founded by J.P. Yaduvanshi in 2016 is a major healthcare facilitator and affordable medical tourism provider in India. They have a well-curated and meticulously planned delivery system that takes care of your entire needs. That span from Visa preparation, travel preparation, and pre-scheduled pick up at the airport terminal, language translator, skillful doctors. Also including, top-notch medical facilities, nurses and even hotel arrangements.

  • Medinq has a well qualified in-house research team to study offers of different hospitals. The factors on which their study is based on is the level of experience of the doctor. Also, the survey of that particular hospital, infrastructure and the advantages mentioned for the international patient. 

  • MediVoyage provides exclusive healthcare services to international patients, ensuring them healing, healthy, pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay in India. They also assist you in getting a second opinion for your problem from renowned doctors in Bangalore and from their in-house doctors. Additionally, they organize international visits for Indian doctors to countries that need medical assistance, care, and services.

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