Medical Tourism Companies Dubai

Medical tourism extends services with the help of tour groups. Where the tour company plans the travel of the patient and accompany attendants to travel to the host country, book accommodation, book hospital appointments, and complete treatment. Later on, these companies organize rehabilitation and leisure activities optionally. Medical Tourism Companies in Dubai have been sought after in many cases.

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Why Dubai?

In Dubai, there is numerous experts & specialists in every field of medicine & surgery with their exotic tours & safaris. They have special packages for treatment of all ailments based on economy business first and royal class treatment. Alternatively, tour companies have the expertise in dealing with the hospitals, they have a permanent contract with the hospitals and other host travel companies in the country. Hence, the planning is fast, easy and the results are great. Also, companies accomplish a lot more in s hassle-free environment. 

Patients from places other than Dubai are converting to medical tourists of  Dubai for numerous health-related issues and their treatments. English & Arabic knowing medical personnel, topmost qualified healthcare system and superior technology are the engaging features of medical tourism in Dubai. Hence, comparatively far more dependable than many other places elsewhere in the world.


Their main aim is to position Dubai as a globally recognized destination for elective health and wellness treatments in recent years. So, they provide focus on certain sections like:

  1. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  2. Plastic surgery
  3. Ophthalmology
  4. Dental Procedures
  5. Dermatology and Skincare
  6. Aesthetic Practices and surgeries
  7. Preventive Health check-ups
  8. Wellness

Medical Tourism Companies in Dubai

Some of the medical tourism companies in Dubai are:

  1. Dubai Health Experience (DXH) is a reputable brand formulated by Dubai’s Health Authority. They guide in the area of Health tourism and are a market leader for optional medications in niche practices. DXH intends to provide high-quality medical services and unmatched vacation experience in Dubai, one of the most influential cities worldwide. Also, they have a chain of well-accredited polyclinics and hospitals and over 35k healthcare professionals from 110 countries presenting cordial greetings to patients in their respective languages.

  2. Royal Cure produces impressive products that strive to boost medical tourism and also benefit the patients in terms of quality health and monetary savings with trained physicians whom they personally appraise.

  3. SALAMTK is a Medical consultation and services company offering high-quality medical travel services to Europe & U.S. A team of junior specialists with European-American and Arabic background and with an abundance of skill and expertise in the tourism and medical sector.

  4. OnTime Healthcare Medical travels provide a complete range of Medical treatment solutions designed to enrich all our International patients as well as the local community. Also, elevate the collective performance of healthcare providers and facilities in the UAE. Further, with their International Patient coordinating team, they provide all basic medical tourism needs to their clients within the shortest possible time. Moreover, they have a professional service tailored to suit all levels of treatment recommendation within international health safety standards to make patients feel safe and secure.

  5. Dubai London Medical Group offers complete medical tourism packages backed by expert recommendation based on your medical reports and requirements. Also, this ensures you receive the best care and treatment and your travel is comfortable and stress-free.

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