Medical Tourism Companies in Pune

Pune city is one of the historical cities of Maharashtra State and is the 8th largest metropolis city of India. The real hurdle lies in recognizing the right specialist and the right hospital for a singular kind of treatment. So, it is difficult for any foreign patient to identify the best combination of doctor and hospital in his given price budget in a foreign country. Here medical tourism plays an important role. Hence, Medical Tourism Companies in Pune have a high demand to curb these issues.

In current years India has attained popularity as a center for medical tourism. This helps foreign patients to avoid long waiting periods in their home country. The exceedingly high cost of medical care in Western countries is also not affordable to the common. In such an instance, people tend to search for comfortable options. The foremost reason for the increasing demand of India in medical tourism is high-quality pharmaceutical care at a cost-effective rate. In fact, doctors and staff personally look into the travel, accommodation and food facilities for each patient by suggesting suitable choices.  

Medical tourism companies in Pune


KAIZEN has been in the Healthcare Industry for the last 15 years or more with crew members from ex-hospital operators, very well versed with the day-to-day projects at the hospitals. They supply the latest infrastructure at hospitals. They have an eye on the changes made by the hospital or doctors in their team.  Also, they check on the success rate of a doctor in particular surgery. Additionally, the latest trends in various treatments, pricing and the hidden costs in various treatments. So, Kaizen providing with so many advantages, it has been chosen as the preferred Health Care Facilitator and Medical Tour Operator by many foreign patients. 

2. Wings Medical Tourism 

Wings Medical Tourism serves ancient medication systems like calming meditation sessions, de-stressing spa treatments, revitalizing Ayurvedic treatments and energizing yoga sessions. Also, the tour package incorporates hospitals that are recognized for presenting world-class treatment amenities in cardiac care, cosmetic surgery, joint replacements, dentistry, vital organ transplant. Further, cancer treatment, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and many more. It has a tie-up with Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, that experts in delivering health-related services.


3. Healing hands clinic

Healing hands clinic provide treatments similar to the top clinics in Europe and the US. Thus, they ensure safe, effective treatments with the shortest recovery time. How? With their 3D Endo-anal USG and Ano-rectal Manometry simultaneously with modern techniques like Laser and Stapler.

4.  Pawana

Pawana is a Multispeciality hospital, committed to advanced Surgeries and Medical management in all the fields of Medicine & Surgery. They handle critical care aided by the quality of services and its infrastructure supported by the end to end customer relationship management. So, the team of Pawana continues to dedicate its services by supporting special clinics with its set up close to Pune & Mumbai. So, it leads cases from across the globe delivering world-class patient care in multi-disciplinarians.  Hence, along with a healing touch of faith, hope and love as these are what makes the experience at PAWANA a truly different experience.

In this way, these companies have become leaders in the world of medical tourism.

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