travel health insurance

The insurance which is intended to cover all our trip cancellation fees medical expenses lot lost luggage fees flight accident and are the losses incurred while traveling domestically or internationally is called travel health insurance. The party can be a ranger travel insurance before going on a trip. That is while booking a trip to cover exactly the entire duration of the trip are also the person can cover an unlimited number of trips within a given time through a multi-trip policy. 

They provide policies for various types of medical expense options like that lower or higher for example in countries like the United States which have higher medical costs that policies are higher. credit card operators also provide for automatic travel insurance if the trip arrangements are paid through their particular credit cards. various travel insurance policies are available but one must consider what events are covered by each policy he and also what are the exceptions exclusions limits and issues. 

 Some common things that travel insurance plans cover are: 

  • Transportation to the medical facility including medical treatment.
  • Trip cancellation interruption and curtailment
  • Visitor health insurance
  • Accidental injury disablement or death benefit
  • Overseas funeral expenses
  • Return of a minor
  • Lost damage of stolen baggage personal effects or travel documents
  • Replacement of delayed baggage or essential items and documents.
  • Travel delays etc. 


After deciding a destination and planning your trip one must consider International Travel Insurance. Here, is an article on the top ten best International travel health insurance. 

1. World Nomads :

For an adventurer and explorer, this is by far the best travel insurance option. They offer a variety of protection and health and travel coverage and expenses. 

2. Travelex Insurance :

Travelex offers two main basic types of plans, which are: Travel Basic and Travel Select. The plans are quite affordable for single travelers and their Travel Select plan also provides free coverage for children below eighteen years of age. People with more than a single child can save a lot from this plan. However, both the plans cover for trip cancellation and interruption and also delay. Both of them also offer emergency medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation.

3. Allianz Travel Insurance :

They offer a variety of travel insurance products even single trips and annual plans. Some of their important basic plans are Emergency medical and dental, Trip cancellation and interruption, Emergency transportation, Baggage loss and damage, Rental car and theft coverages, etc. They also provide three basic plans for single trips, for example, OneTrip Basic, OneTrip Prime, OneTrip Premier. 

4. Seven Corners Travel Insurance :

They have several trip insurance plans. Also, they allow customization of the Medical plans. They provide three medical plans which are: Liaison Economy, Liaison Choice, and Liaison Elite.  In case of all the three plans, you can customize them keeping in mind the maximums and deductible. However, their three main Trip Insurance Plans are called Roundtrip Economy, Roundtrip Choice, and RoundTrip Elite. They provide trip interruption, delay, cancellation, loss or theft coverages. The trip insurance prices depend on the cost of the trip. 

5. Atlas Travel Insurance :

One can customize their travel insurance plan with Atlas Travel Insurance. They have two basic plans called The Atlas Travel and the other is the Atlas Premium. They offer more or less the same coverage. People under 70 can choose maximum coverage, whereas seniors aged between 70 to 79 have several good options. 

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6. Axa Travel Insurance :

  • They provide four different kinds of coverage and their insurance policies are comprehensive. Each kind of policy includes different levels of protection. They provide Trip and property protection, accident and illness benefits, concierge services, identity theft services, medical evacuation coverage, etc. Further, for regular travelers whose main concern is just to get protection, for them, the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are perfect or apt. They also provide an “Adventure Product” for travelers who are into adventure sports. Also, their gold plan provides a more or less suitable plan for an occasional traveler. 

7. STA travel :

 This travel agency is online and they not only provide insurance but also sells travel and flight packages. Their main customers are students, teachers working abroad and travel explorers. They have three basic policies of their own: Basic, Premium, and Explorer. The basic plan covers up for emergency and accidental medical treatment. Whereas, The Premium plan not only covers the categories mentioned in the basic plan but also the cover for baggage misplaced, loss, theft, trip interruption and also non-medical emergency. The explorer plan offers coverage for hazardous sports and adventure sports and also leisure sports.

8. Visitors Coverage

Although they don’t actually provide the plans, however, they do connect travelers with the best travel insurance as per their choices and needs. In simple short words, on behalf of other issuers, they sell them. Their area of expertise is U. S. 

9. Insure My Trip :

Insure My Trip is another international travel health insurance service provider that sells and also recommends the aptest travel insurance plans. The most interesting part about them is that they partner with twenty-six more other insurance providers and thus, provides the best policy for their customers. They also provide the best price guarantee. They also allow you to compare your options in one place and choose the best travel insurance option. Seniors often face a lot of challenges when buying insurance because some plans might not provide adequate coverage, however, Insure My Trip is the best option for them. 

10. Amex :

American Express or Amex gives travelers the freedom of choice to build up or choose their own travel insurance plans. Also, they have four main packages, travelers can choose any one of them, whichever they are willing to. The four packages are titled: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They vary in prices band coverage. However, all these plans are comprehensive providing not only trip insurance but also medical coverage.

Thus, various travel insurance companies provide various kinds of coverages. They must analyze from which plan they will benefit the most and select the plan wisely.

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