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Total knee replacement surgery is undoubtedly a very complex procedure. An experienced and competent doctor perform orthopedic replacement surgery. As it requires precise measurement, and have to remove problematic portion very carefully, without affecting nearby muscle, nerve, and tissue.

Are you interested to know about the step by step Knee replacement surgery??

Then we will guide you through this article. Nobody likes pain, surgery. But this replacement surgery will give you longterm painless life!!

At the time of replacement surgery, surgeon grafted an artificial knee inside your leg. This incident happens one component at a time, to make it most realistic. And this surgery requires a high level of accuracy.

Here we will discuss step by step procedure of knee replacement surgery. Please go through this article to know the details.

Step-1 Knee incision

Making the knee incision is the first step of knee replacement surgery. The orthopedic surgeon makes an incision across the front part of the knee. After that, he can access the knee cap or patella. Generally in total knee replacement surgery incision is 8-10 inches long. In the case of minimally invasive replacement surgery, the incision length is 4-6 cm.

Your doctor will suggest you which procedure is applicable for You.

Step-2   Rotating of Knee cap or Patella

The knee cap or patella is the first part, that exposed when the doctor opens your knee. Next surgeon rotates the knee cap outside of your knee. After that, the doctor can see the area, where the surgery will be performed.

Step-3 preparing the thighbone

Femur or thighbone is the first bone, that doctor will resurface during operation. When the doctor will open your knee joint, he will measure your bone accurately, and make a precise incision with a special medical instrument. Then the doctor will remove the damaged bone and defective cartilage from the end of the femur.

End of the thighbone will cut, and resurface to join it with the first part of the artificial knee. This is also known as the femoral component.

Step-4 Implantation of femoral components

In the fourth step, the doctor connects the metal femoral component to the end of the thighbone. And the gap is sealed by bone cement.

Step-5 Preparation of the shinbone or the tibia

The second bone that doctor resurface after patella is Tibia or shin bone. The doctor removes defective bone and cartilage from the top of the thighbone. After that, he will reshape the bone to fit the metal tibial component.

Step-6 Implantation of Tibial component

The tibial tray is the bottom portion of the implant. This will be fitted to the tibia. And establish it with the bone cement. When the tray gets into its place, the doctor will insert a medical-grade plastic between the tibial tray and the femoral component. This will act as a buffer component. and give support while bending and flexing of your knee.

Step-7 Readjustment of patella or Knee cap

Readjustment of the patella is an important step, to give it a normal position. The surgeon will flatten the patella, and fit it with plastic material. This component will support the patella. And give stability to your implantation. The plastic material is sealed with the knee cap by bone cement.

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Step-8 The end procedure

Your surgeon will check your implantation by bending and flexing of the knee.  That will ensure the grafting is working correctly.

After the procedure, he will close the incision, with medical stitches and staple.  Then bandage it for the healing process.

Next after 5 to 7 day, you will return to your home. The doctor will prescribe you some medicine and physiotherapy treatment, to reduce the pain and speed up the recovery process.

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Here we have discussed step by step procedure of total knee replacement surgery. You will definitely get an overview of this complicated surgery. If the doctor recommends you to go for replacement surgery, don’t afraid of this, As 98% orthopedic surgery In India is successful and able to give an active life. Everybody panics about replacement surgery, but it will give you short-term pain, but longterm life. Gather more information about this procedure. As profound knowledge will remove your unnecessary panic

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