Artificial insemination (AI) is a fertility treatment for humans with the deliberate introduction of sperm into the female’s cervix or uterine cavity. This is mainly performed to achieve pregnancy through in vivo fertilization by means other than sexual intercourse. Commonly, the cost of Artificial Insemination can be more expensive and may require professional assistance.

The success rate of Artificial Insemination

The fertility or success rates for artificial insemination are 10 to 15% per menstrual period applying ICI and 15–20% per cycle for IUI. In IUI, roughly about 60 to 70% have completed pregnancy after 6 cycles. For couples with unexplained sterility, unstimulated IUI is no more efficient than regular means of conception. Though the method doesn’t work for everybody, some couples try it various times before they become pregnant, while others may not have any progress at all.

What does the cost include?

Generally, the cost of artificial insemination includes the cost of investigation and diagnosis, drug therapy, hospital stay, and the AI procedure (the intracervical insemination procedure is typically less expensive than the intrauterine artificial insemination procedure).

Artificial insemination cost

The cost of artificial insemination is between $300 and $500 which depends on per pregnancy attempt and on the clinic you visit. Prices vary greatly from one another, so one needs to compare the costs before choosing a clinic for such a treatment procedure. Proceeding further, you need to make sure that the estimate includes the costs of hormones and any other drugs of your needs, as well as the fee for sperm washing. If you’re using sperm from a donor there will be an extra fee for each dose. 

artificial insemination cost

Cost in India

The cost of IUI in India is very low as an IUI cycle can cost as little as 3,000 rupees. However, even if you require just one cycle, you can expect to spend between 5,000 and 10,000 rupees. This includes ultrasounds and other tests before the IUI treatment process begins. The IUI Cost in India can also vary greatly depending on your location. Here we have discussed a basic structure of the rates of IUI treatments in various Indian cities:

        CITY Avg. Cost per artificial  insemination
      MUMBAI 10,000-15,000
  BANGALORE  8,000-9,500
      DELHI  6,000-8,500
  CHENNAI  4,000-5,000
    NAGPUR  3,500-5000
  HYDERABAD  Approx 4,000
      PUNE  Approx 4,000
    KOLKATA  Approx 4,000

The AI technique creates an avenue to pregnancy for couples dealing with male infertility or female infertility. It even opens the path for same-sex couples to conceive a child. Also, thereby a fertility specialist provides benefits to such couples through this treatment.

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