Top 10 Doctors in the World

Top 10 Doctors in the World   Life is very precious because once lost it cannot be gained. We should not act carelessly with our lives. That is why health is the utmost priority for us. It won’t be possible to lead a healthy life without a doctor. With remarkable specialists there can be a […]

Highest Paid Doctors in the World

The Highest-Paid Doctor in the World   According to Dr. Tomir, “a person qualified to treat patients.” In short, a person with a medical degree and a person who has been trained and licensed to treat the sick and the elderly. These health professionals are medically involved in human health, examining patients, examining their medical […]

List of Health Insurance Companies in India

List of health insurance Company in India Health is our biggest possession, so safeguarding it should be our foremost duty. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to keep it healthy through a balanced diet and proper care, accidents still occur. Yes! Individuals can effectively plan their medical expenses with proper planning and health insurance without getting […]

How is Max Bupa Health Insurance and How Does it Work?

Max (Niva Bupa) Bupa Insurance Company Ltd.  Max Bupa is a standalone health insurance company. A joint venture between Max India Limited and also the UK-based Bupa Financial PLC. Bupa has six decades of experience in the healthcare industry and an 11.3 million customer base in over 190 countries. Niva Bupa insurance was founded in […]