Best ENT Surgeons in Kolkata

ENT means ear, nose, and throat. We all know that. But many of us may not know that it is essential in our everyday life. Many of us may think that the ENT diseases are quickly curable but the truth is that it can be severe if not treated.

In India especially the elders are really hard to convince to see a doctor. They always think that it will be cured normally but the reality is far more disturbing.

ENT specialists can do treatments for hearing loss and speech loss. I remember my uncle was very stubborn when he had tonsils but he was not ready to go to the doctor. Approximately five years ago my uncle was diagnosed with swollen tonsils.

Everyone in our family was very much worried about it but he did not pay ahead and just did whatever he want. He got Tonsils because of winter. You may know those who have problems with their tonsils will suffer every year in winter.

My uncle had the issue Tonsils but mild. Every winter he used to suffer from tonsils. At first, we thought that it is not a big deal but after some time we came to know that his tonsils were not in good condition.

If he did not stop his bohemian carefree life then it will be severely affected. But my uncle did not listen to anyone. Even he did not listen to his one and only daughter. Later, Aunty Noticed that Uncle became more and more careless.

Before having the swollen tonsil Uncle used to avoid cold drinks, cold water, and alcohol. But after the warning he drank alcohol at the marriage ceremony of his son.

After intoxication, Uncle found that something is wrong with his tonsils. Later when we went to the hospital the doctor said that he had to go through some tests and then they will perform some surgery.

That was a very tough time for our family and relatives. We were very much upset. But the doctor who treated our uncle was a very famous ENT specialist in Kolkata. He assured us that nothing will be wrong and he will be ok.

He did surgery on his uncle. After some time of rest Uncle was totally ok. My uncle still now gives all the credit to the ENT specialist who did the surgery.

If you have diseases like Swollen Tonsils, Sleep apnea, Snoring and hearing problems, and many more then I will suggest you to go and book an appointment with an ENT specialist in Kolkata.

Now I will give you some details about 5 ENT specialist surgeons of Kolkata where you can treat yourself without any further tension.

1. Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh:

Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh is a very renowned doctor of Kolkata. He is MBBS, MS, and a Microscopic, Endoscopic, and Laser surgeon. He has a lot of experience. He is an expert in snoring surgery, parotid surgery with a microscope, and many more. He is also joined the “Sunbo Blbo Amra” NGO.

Address: Ghosh E.N.T Foundation, SEC III, Salt Lake. Kolkata, West Bengal.
Fees: He charges 350rs. (Approx)
Contact Number: 9874337646 | 033-23598332
Timing: Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 7:30 pm.

He is the top ENT surgeon in Kolkata. He has a successful career in the ENT field. He is immensely popular.

2. Dr. Pinaki Mazumder:

He is a very famous doctor Of ENT in Kolkata. He has a large group of Patients. He has 15+ years of experience in this ENT field. He is also an Otolaryngologist and Neck surgeon.

Address: Vivekananda ENT clinic, 253E NSC Bose Road, Near Naktala Youth Club, Kolkata.
Fees: He charges Rs.400 per patient. (Approx)
Contact Number: 09830216324
Timing:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 5 pm to 8.30 pm.
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: 10 am to 12.30 pm and 5 pm to 8.30 pm.
Sunday: 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

3. Dr. Bimal Kumar Mondal:

He is very proficient in his job. He is MBBS, MS. He is the ENT –head of Neck Surgery. He is especially more efficient in Neck surgery. He has 10+ years more experience in this field.

Address: RD ENT Center (Main). Opposite 3 rd gate of Calcutta Medical College, College Street 62, Shri Gopal Mallick Lane, Kolkata- 700012. |  RD ENT Center (branch) 31/A, Mansatala Lane, Khiddirpore. Kolkata 700023.
Fees: He charges Rs.500 per patient. (Approx)
Contact Number: 926705897  (Whatsapp) | 9477445705 |6291550961.
Timing: Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 9 pm.

4. Dr. Sudipta Chandra:

He is MBBS and MS in ENT. He is also a renowned name in Neck Surgery. He has 18+ years of experience.

Address: Purnam Medicare, 5/1, AJC Bose Road, Near Hotel Niharika and Beside Gorky Sadan, Kolkata.
Fees: He charges Rs.1,000 per patient. (Approx)
Contact Number: 03330554000
Timing: Monday to Friday: 12.30 to 5 pm | Sunday: Closed.

5. Dr. Dev Roy:

He is a renowned ENT specialist and surgeon. He is MBBS, FRCS, MS (ENT) , and DORL. He has 25+ years of experience.

Address: AE-611, Block sector 1, AE Block, sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064.
Fees: He charges Rs.900 per patient. (Approx)
Contact Number: 09748258195.
Timing: Monday to Saturday: 09:00 am to 16:00 pm. In ENT Kolkata.

I give you my preference list now you will decide from where or from whom you are liked to be treated. All are experts and experienced.

Remember: First you will go for a regular check-up then they will decide whether to do surgery for you or not. They first do a check-up on you then they give the last verdict.

So, I hope this article will be helpful for you.
Thank you.



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