Dermasis is a skin problem. It is very common diseases. You don’t need to be worried any more. There are prominent treatments available in India and abroad.

  • Facts About Psoriasis:
  1. In USA 3%+ of their population are infected with psoriasis.
  2. Psoriasis is a genetic disease. If you have psoriasis in your family history then you will have psoriasis.
  3. There are many types of psoriasis.
  4. Plaque Psoriasis is very common among them.
  5. Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian has psoriasis.
  6. Psoriasis is not contagious.

These are the amazing facts about psoriasis.

Now, come to the main point of the article which is Dermasis Psoriasis.
Many of you don’t have the experience to see what it looks like. But let me tell you that you do not look good on skin. It is basically a skin problem.

Now come to the real thing.

  • What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is basically a skin condition where your skin becomes scaly and thick. It is basically an auto immune disease and it causes inflammation in your skin. Psoriasis is a chronic disease. It can start unexpectedly and you have to do treatment for it.

Once upon a time humans thought that psoriasis is type of leprosy and back then people used to maintain distance from a psoriasis affected person. In my life I never saw any discrimination with psoriasis patient but my mother saw the discrimination in her childhood days.

My mother was from rural area of Uttarpradesh. She was lived in an infamous village. She did not get better opportunities when she was young. The villagers used to have their own tradition and rituals and their own rule.
Back then one of the villagers had psoriasis. But He did not know what it is, but the others thought that he had some kind of leprosy disease and they made him separated from others. His family was also excluded from the village.

The villagers were not ready to allow him and his family inside the village. They made him an outsider. He was not allowed to do any work in that state. He and his total family were not even allowed to drive water from pond. His children were not allowed to play with other kids even go to school with other children. The whole family was in
distress. They were just not treated as humans anymore. Back then psoriasis was treated like leprosy. It was filled with superstitions.

Psoriasis in general is not contagious but back then people thought that it was like that so, they avoid patient’s touch. But now days the scenario is changed, people become more companionate about psoriasis patient they now do not treat them like animals.
Now coming to the second point which is:

  • The Reasons of Psoriasis:

1. There are many reasons around this. But most common reason may be the genetic history.

2. If you have noticed that earlier I also have said psoriasis as genetically transmitted diseases. So, if you have psoriasis history in your family then you will have the chance to be infected.

3. Psoriasis is basically a skin condition where the skin inflammation is the main thing. Those who have psoriasis, you have already known that your diseases is an autoimmune diseases.
In normal condition body your immune system is responsible to attack foreign viruses or bacteria. But in psoriasis your immune system is mistakenly destroy the healthy cells instead of immune cells. As a result our immune system creates inflammation and itchy skin.

In psoriasis, it actually takes 30 days to regenerate new cells on the place of the old cells. Once the new cell is grown, the old cell is replaced with that new cell.

  • Emotional stress can also trigger psoriasis.
  • Any kind of cuts, injuries can also make your skin psoriasis prone.
  • Certain usage of medicines can also cause psoriasis.
  • Change in body temperature can also trigger psoriasis.

I think you guys can understand the causes of psoriasis.

Now, let’s move to the different part. Which is:

  • The Most Common Places to have Psoriasis:
  • Lower back,
  • Elbow and knee.
  • Palms and feet.
  • Scalp.
  • Fingernails.
  • Toenails,
  • Genitals.
  • Face and inside your mouth.
  • Hands.
  • Legs.
  • Near belly button.

These are the common places where you can have psoriasis.

Now let’s see the symptoms of psoriasis.

The symptoms are visible to you early. And by seeing them you can consult doctor.

  • Symptoms:
  • Joint pain.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Skin pain.
  • Nails become crumby and easily broken.
  • Skin becomes thick and hard.
  • Skin becomes cracked.
  • Red rashes around face.
  • Skin inflammation.

I hope the symptoms are clear to you. If you have any of these above mentioned symptoms then you have to consult doctors immediately. Consult, doctors as early as possible.

Now we are coming to the step where we will discuss about the medications and treatment.

  • Treatment of Psoriasis:

There are many treatment options for psoriasis. The doctors will give you the right treatment where you can find complete cure of your body. Now let’s dig in to the treatment.

Common Treatments:

  • One can use medicated creams and shampoo.
  • You can also use steroid creams.
  • You can use that ointment where Vitamine-D3 is present.
  • Retinue creams are also helpful.
  • Use moisturizers for dry skin.

These are the few common treatments that you can do if your psoriasis is not that much severe. Those who have severe psoriasis can opt. for:

Special Treatments:

  • Retinue: Vitamin A included drugs can cure your psoriasis. But it will cause other complications later.
  • Light Treatment: The LED lights at a specific wave length help to cure Psoriasis.
  • Cyclosporine: this medicine can help to treat severe psoriasis.

So, I think you understand the treatments of Psoriasis.
I hope this article will be helpful to you.
Thank you.

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