In the 21st Century, with the increase in modernization and industrialization, the amount of work pressure is increasing day by day and this is ultimately leading to the various health-related taboos like back pain, muscular pain, wrists ache and other related issues. These taboos have greatly increased the need for proper Ergonomics.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is defined as the science of study of how people work in an office environment. Its main objective is to increase productivity and efficiency in an organization and reduce the level of discomfort among the employees. Ergonomics is the science that generally adapts the conditions of working in order to suit the employees. It is mostly seen that the office furnitures are stiff with fixed postures and they allow very fewer movements. A proper knowledge of Ergonomics can help to prevent workplace injuries and pains, leading to an emphasis on proper sitting and standing postures while working.  In other words, Ergonomics is also known as the People-Machine relationship where an ergonomically planned machine helps to blend with the person’s body smoothly. The most basic aspect of Ergonomics is to teach people to stretch and move periodically.

What are the harmful effects of Ergonomics?

It is often seen that people usually neglect the symptoms that arise out of poor ergonomics. However, that is the worst thing that is ever done. The problems arising out of poor ergonomics need to be taken care of as soon as possible or they can even lead to serious and permanent damages in the future. Some of the harmful effects of poor Ergonomics are:

  • 1. One of the most important effects of poor Ergonomics is that of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). MSDs develop over a long period of time and they can be excessively painful and even crippling. It generally affects the nerves, muscles, tendons especially of the wrists and hands. Some of the causes of this disorder are vibration, poor sitting postures, and movements. The longer a person is exposed to these conditions, the more likely he/she is prone to painful situations. Other MSDs affect the tendons at the joints. One common problem arising out of MSDs is known as tendonitis, which is basically the swelling and inflammation resulting out of using and moving the wrist in such a position or postures that are not really meant to move. MSDs can be so harmful that if they are ignored for too long then they can even be “incurable”. One must always pay attention as to how the fingers, wrist, hand, shoulders exactly feel.
  • One must always inform the corporate or supervisor if these signs are visible-
  • Pain
  •  Tingling or numbness
  •  Weakness
  •  Swelling
  •  Burning
  • 2. Another type of ergonomic problem is related to Vibration. Repeated exposure to vibration may even lead to White finger. It may take a prolonged time for a worker to feel the impacts of using vibration instruments and tools. White finger means the lack of oxygen and blood in the muscles and skin. A delay in treatment can even lead to the death of the finger tissues ultimately leading to the loss of hand use. Some of its symptoms are-
  1.  Numbness
  2.  Pain
  3.  Fingers turning white and pale
  4.  Tingling

Treatment required for solving the Ergonomic problems-

The first and foremost requirement is to form an ergonomic team which shall comprise of representatives and experts from the management and labor. This team should also consist of people who have the required knowledge of ergonomics and the respective treatment for such injuries. The ergonomic program generally includes:

  • Conducting a survey about the injuries of the employers at workplaces.
  • Indicating the risks that can lead to discomfort among the employees.
  • Establishing new ways to prevent and control the ergonomic taboos, thereby improving the effectivity and efficiency of the organization.
  • Forming medical teams to combat the injuries related to ergonomics and providing a comfortable working ambiance for the workers.

Creating light-duty postures and even recommend for other jobs.

What are the necessities of proper Ergonomics?

A Supervisor or a Corporate should always concentrate on proper ergonomic practices. Some of the reasons are:

a. Ergonomics helps in improving the quality of the organization– Poor ergonomics can lead to frustrated employees who don’t give their best while working. If a job needs more physical tenacity then such ergonomic problems may not allow these employees to work as they were trained to do. Thus, proper ergonomics can facilitate the comforts of the employees and lead to qualitative developments of the organization.

b. Ergonomics helps in improving employee engagement– If the corporates put their best efforts to look after the health and safety of the employees, then it can lead to less absenteeism, increased motivation among the workers, reduce turnovers and so on.

c. Ergonomics can also build a proper and safe culture– Proper ergonomics can result in a healthy and safe working environment since healthy employees are the most important assets and this can lead to the increased growth and development of the organization since the employees will perform and give their best for increasing the quality and quantity of the organization.


This article deals with the symptoms, effects, treatment, and necessities of proper ergonomics. Before it is too late just concentrate on the initial signs and symptoms or it can be very dangerous and immensely painful in the future. As it is said, Health is the greatest gift, Contentment is the greatest wealth so, always be careful and never ignore the signs that can act as a threat in the near future.


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