Medical Tourism Companies make Money

Medical tourism is an emerging field with a lot of economic potential in it. Many people starting medical tourism companies are already being rewarded with magnanimous monetary returns. These companies moderate between clients and medical institutions and by acting as middlemen, receive commissions from both. However, this is putting it too simply.  There are several approaches in which Medical Tourism Companies make money. It mostly depends on the level of service offered. 

So, How do Medical Tourism Companies make Money?

A cottage industry like medical tourism has huge scope for earning.

1. Mediating between clients and medical institutions

The medical tourism companies mainly earn by gaining a commission from hospitals and nursing homes by referring tourists traveling for the sake of medical treatment. Furthermore, they receive a particular percentage of monetary compensation from these institutions, an amount that increases with time. They do this by striking deals with hospitals that attract patients indulging in medical tourism. Also, by agreeing to bring a certain number of patients at a certain time.

2. Dealing with tourism and hospitality

Medical tourism companies increase their profit range by arranging complete packages for patients from foreign nations. They strike business deals with restaurants, hotels, transportation companies and refer their patients to them. Most of the clients prefer their entire trip to a foreign nation planned down to the last detail. The medical tourism companies thus utilize this opportunity to the fullest.    

3. Advertising, social media and websites

This is another great way to gain clients. The medical tourism companies research extensively and pinpoint their target audience, a crowd which is likely to opt for medical tourism. Successful media tourism companies also utilize social media to their benefit. They use this platform which is essentially free to familiarise their services worldwide through relevant hashtags and organic engagement. Such companies also have websites that clients can scour for information regarding the medical packages they provide. Thus, through these three methods, such companies gain clients and

medical tourism making money
Flow Chart of the Medical Tourism Process

earns money.

4. Decreasing expenditure

The successful medical tourism companies know how to economize intelligently. Hence, they invest carefully in things that they will require in the long run and will ensure a greater monetary return. Moreover, they cut down on expenses so that their profit margin increases a lot.

5. Gaining certification

Clients appreciate authenticity. A famous medical tourism company having tie-ups with major medical institutions, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, and transportation agencies will naturally garner more attention from clients seeking treatment through medical tourism. Hence, such companies have affiliation and accreditation certificates to show and naturally, clients trust them more.

6. Recommendations

The popularity of a medical tourism company increases by word-of-mouth. Also, this builds a good reputation and people trust those clients who have already sought treatment from such companies. 


So, if you are interested in this field and wondering how they are managing it, don’t worry. This is how the experts in the field accomplish their success.


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