India's Luxury Hospitals spur Health Tourism

 Tourism in India is no more imagined to just arrange trips to the settlements in the countryside. The tour guides revealing to the travelers, about the monuments, wonders, and forts, gates, markets. Also, other notable yet incomparable to India sort of places. Actually, a new chapter has opened in tourism and that is called Medical Tourism. It deals with health and wellness tourism. Plus, India’s luxury hospitals symbolize the management in which people from around the earth fly to other nations to acquire medical, dental or surgical care. Likewise, helping people travel the local hotspots of that country. 

India’s Estimate

India has been getting large returns from medical tourism from the last 4 to 6 years. According to a statement by FICCI and IMS Health – India has roughly 18 percent of the global medical tourism demand. Also, it has been ascertained that this industry is worth 9 billion dollars. Plus, account for 20 percent of the global demand cut by 2020. The growth during the past ten years has placed the country rank amongst the listing of the best medical tourism addresses worldwide. 

Unique facilities of India’s Luxury Hospitals

To promote medical tourism, these hospitals- both the Government and private firms are providing luxury benefits to the patients. How? With their top-class amenities and even personal attendants. The increasing population and mounting medical costs in developing nations are pushing patients from around the world to come to India and enjoy high standard healthcare within a comfortable environment. The key assets of this industry are

  • High-Grade infrastructure and technological machinery
  • Nationwide and worldwide accreditations of healthcare providers
  • Highly trained practitioners from the UK, USAHow India's luxury hospitals spur Health Tourism?

Moreover, India also provides alternative treatments, such as yoga and meditation for its well being and mindfulness of medical tourists.

As a result, millions of patients from abroad travel to India for its best medical facilities. These Hospitals provide successful treatment and return their patients back to their home country safely. A medical tourism record studying data for the year 2015-16 suggests that a majority of Indian medical visas’ distribution takes place for patients from Bangladesh. Followed by other countries such as Afghanistan, African countries,  and other Asian countries, Iraq, and Nigeria.

India’s Luxury hospitals who spur Health Tourism 

Fortis Memorial Hospital in Gurgaon is one of an increasing number of India’s luxury hospitals contributing amenities with in-house cinemas, relaxing spas and luxurious health clubs. Also, Apollo Hospital Enterprise presents a host of translators and a dedicated area on site for foreign visitors. Industrialists are praising India as the ideal stop for nursing by generating the impression of making a vacation. While specific tour groups are also surfacing, proposing packages that incorporate hospital visits along with journeys of local attractions. Medanta Medicity’s services include CyberKnife non-invasive knee surgery, which the hospital says is unique in Asia.

The potentiality of Health Tourism

Max Healthcare Institute, maintained by the Indian amassed Max India, funded 48 million dollars in a contemporary multispecialty hospital around Delhi last year. This year, AB Ventures, based in Dubai is financing 100 million dollars to develop suites in one of the luxury hospitals in Mumbai. Rapidly, Medical tourism could, therefore, mature into the summit of India’s travel industry and the support of the nation’s thriving economy with the increasing progress achieved in recent years.

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