How much does knee replacement surgery cost in India

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most complicated surgery, and that need lots of prior preparation. Here Expenses and surgery cost is very important. So, how much does knee replacement surgery cost in India?

This is a common question for all national and international patients. And our Madre health care team believe that every person deserve the best treatment, without burning their pocket

So here I am going to tell you the approximate expenses of Knee replacement surgery cost in India. Which should be very affordable, and reasonable for common people. 

Cost factors of replacement surgery

The Knee replacement surgery expenses vary on too many factors. like hospital charges, doctors fees,  pre-operative test and implantation procedure, medicine and injections. Doctors may suggest you do both knee replacement surgery (Bilateral surgery) or Single Knee (unilateral surgery). And generally, bilateral surgery requires more cost than unilateral surgery.

Bilateral knee replacement surgery performed either in two way

  1. Single sitting or simultaneous procedure
  2. or staged procedure (step by step replacement of Knee).

In a staged surgery procedure, both knee surgeries performed, as two different replacement surgery event. In this case, operation expenses become double. As patient needs to stay twice in the hospital. And also need two rehabilitation program after each surgery. And it requires more cost than single sitting Bilateral knee replacement surgery.


The list of replacement surgery and their cost are given below, Cost is one the basis of Delhi. Mumbai, and Bangalore. The minimum cost of Knee replacement surgery in India

Total Knee replacement surgery-Cost (INR200000-380000)

Partial Knee replacement surgery-cost (INR150000-220000)

Bilateral Knee replacement surgery (INR220000-320000)

Revision Knee replacement surgery (INR 200000-310,000)

Plica Excision surgery (INR 15,0000-300000)

Meniscus repair surgery (INR 180000-320000)

Arthroscopy (INR 180000)

Minimally invasive knee surgery (INR 15,0000-350000)

Details estimation of Knee replacement surgery Cost in India

As we know that Knee replacement surgery is much-complicated surgery, it is done with a lot more precaution and medications. This surgery is performed in too many steps.

There are a minimum of eleven pre-operative procedures

  • Physical test
  • Blood test ( RBC, WBC, hemoglobin count)
  • Platelets count (Blood clotting test)
  • Blood sugar and Cholesterol test
  • Measure the blood pressure
  • Urine test
  • X-ray and MRI
  • Test the condition of the heart through ECG
  • Liver function test
  • Bone mineral density or BDM test
  • Metabolic rate check, and Kidney function test.

But some cases all tests are not mandatory, Doctor will prescribe you the Pre-operative test. Here we will talk about them in general. This completely depends on the health condition of the patient.

The approximate expenses of the pre-operative test, you can assume INR 6000-INR 15,000 depending on the number of tests.

Knee replacement surgery cost

Surgery cost includes,

  • Fees of surgeon
  • Anesthesiologist’s fees
  •  Assistant charges
  • Charge of the operating theatre
  • Cost of Implantation
  • Medicine and injections expenses
  • Cost of blood.

The cost of knee replacement surgery in India is less than other countries like the US, UK, and  Singapore, Canada. For this reason, a large number of international patients come to India for their knee or hip replacement surgery. As, India has a large number of renowned hospital,  with the modern state-of-art facility. And they can provide world-class health care treatment. Here doctors are highly experienced, thus surgery is done by a competent surgeon

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So we can say that In modern age India can provide life-saving treatment, with affordable cost. It is boon for national as well as an international patient. As we believe that all patients irrespective of gender, nationality, and color deserve high-quality treatment at an affordable cost.

Cost of knee replacement surgery
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Hope this article is helpful if the doctor advises you to do bilateral or unilateral knee replacement surgery. As you got an idea of expenses of surgery. To know more about orthopedic treatment and procedure stay visit our Madre health care website

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