How to Control Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a very known substance. We all know about that from an early age. Earlier Indians were not so caring about cholesterol, but the new generation gives importance to cholesterol. Due to climate change and other things the majority of the population gets affected by cholesterol. Now day’s and new adults are also affected by this disease. At the present time, cholesterol is a household name. Now you will get that one of the family members will surely be affected by cholesterol.

The age of thirty to forty becomes so risky. The majority of patients are from these age ranges. There are many reasons for cholesterol, in this article I will share with you about cholesterol and the ways to control it, and also a life incident of mine that will describe how dangerous cholesterol is.

So, let’s start with the definition of cholesterol.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a substance that is made of fat. Cholesterol is very useful to our bodies. It is an important ingredient for a healthy life. Cholesterol helps in the formation of hormones. It also helps to create cells. It also creates a protective shield over the organs.

Cholesterol is not intentionally bad. Every type of cholesterol is not bad. There are two types of cholesterol that we will give consideration to.

Types of Cholesterol:
1. LDL
2. HDL

LDL stands for: Low Density Lipoprotein, And
HDL stands for: High Density Lipoprotein.

HDL is good cholesterol and LDL is bad cholesterol.
HDL is really important for our body formation, but LDL is not required for our body. HDL is created by the liver and LDL comes from animal fat and dairy product. Both are not the same. There are many patients who think that all cholesterols are bad, but in reality, only LDL is bad. So, you have to be careful with LDL-rich foods.

Now I think I have given you a basic knowledge of cholesterols and their types. Now let’s move on to our next segment which is kind of a real-life incident that I and my family went through a few years ago.
I am giving you the reference of this particular incident because I want you to not waste time and apply your present intelligence when you have a bad situation in front of you.

Approximately, six years ago when I was in graduation first year, my grandmother suddenly had a stroke and she passed away. So, I and my family were so much disturbed by that. My sister loved my grandma a lot. She was the youngest one of the family so; my grandmother also loved her a lot. When she died my sister was badly affected by the news. After all of the rituals when everything was going back to normal, she was continuous grumpy after my grandma’s death. We thought that she was sad for that. My sister was healthy. She was also obese. But since she was child then nobody judged her that much. But we noticed a change on her behavior and habits. She started to eat a lot after my grandma’s death and gained a lot of weight. We consulted doctor , he told her to control her consumption of processed food because she not only gained weight but also gained cholesterol amount on her blood.

The doctor further said that the level of LDL cholesterol in her body was increased a lot and it will be a danger for a 16 year old girl. But still she ate a lot of food due to depression which continuously increased her LDL level in blood. After some time we noticed that she was way more bulky than before. She ate a lot, we all started to scold her about her over eating but still she never listened to anybody. One day at night, approximately at midnight I heard my mother cried hysterically from upper floor. I was totally scared and thought that if my father was ok or not. When I reached upper floor I found that my sister was unconscious. We took her to the hospital that night and the doctor said that my sister had a mild stroke.

He suggested us to decrease her consumption of fried food and also told her to do some cardio and free hand exercise. Our whole family was shocked by the statement. We were afraid about her health. Doctor however also said that right timing saved her in that case, which means if we were late a little longer then we will never see her again. So, look how scary cholesterol is. The increased level of LDL cholesterol clocked the blood veins and as a result my sister had her first heart attack in only 16 years old, which was quite abnormal. So we decided that night to totally cure my sister.

In the healing process we used an important thing which is changing lifestyle and diet. The first thing we changed was her diet and lifestyle.

So, today I will share the tips for controlling cholesterols.

Tips for Controlling Cholesterol:

1. Eat Less Fatty Food:

If you have cholesterol and want to cure it in a natural way then I will suggest you change your diet with the medications. If you take medicine for it, it will not be fully cured you have to change your lifestyle and diet. Try to avoid fatty foods, especially: animal fat, dairy products, and processed foods because it contains LDL which is harmful to your body.

2. Intake Veggies and Fruits:

Try to intake as many veggies and fruits as you can veggies and fruits have fiber, which will help you control your body
Fat and cholesterols.

3. Do Regular Exercise:

Minimum allots 15 minutes every day to do exercise. A daily workout routine will give you a long and healthy life. Try to include cardio in your daily exercise schedule.

4. Check the Ingredient List:

Try to check the ingredient list of any packet of food that you are going to buy.

5. Regular Checkup:

Do at least monthly or weekly checkups from doctors if you think something is wrong with your body.

These are some natural changes that you can implement in your daily life to avoid cholesterol or control cholesterol.

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