Any travel for pleasure or business is called tourism.  It is the act or practice of touring accommodating the business of attracting and The business of operating tools including entertaining tourists. Tourism maybe national or International. The word tourism comes from the world tour

Tourists are people who travel away from their homes for leisure or business. They may either be domestic travels or international ones. A tourism business is basically any business whose main purpose is to cater to the tourist’s needs. 

Significance of tourism 

Tourism is a very important source of income. Tourism is also an essential activity since it has that effect on the culture educational social and economic sectors of national societies and on their international relations. 

a large amount of income is also bought into the local economy through tourism which is done in the form of payment for goods and services needed by tours and also exports of goods and services. Another important significance of Tourism is generates employment opportunities to a vast level in the service sector of the economy. 

Other sectors also benefit from tourism, for example, the hospitality industries like transportation services, accommodations hotels, resorts, entertainment venues like shopping malls, music venues etc. 


Here, is beginners guide to start a tourism business from home. 


You must make up your mind about the sector of tourism you are going to focus and decide further carefully. Several options are there to choose, like for example:

  • Transportation sector: This sector is concerned with transporting tourists to, from and around tourist places. 
  • Travel agents and agencies: They provide all information and services, from visiting the place to even transportation and as well as accommodations and attractions. 
  • Tour Operator: Their main job is to prepare an itinerary and manage or operate the tour. 
  • Accommodations: Hotels, resorts, guesthouses, hostels, rental houses, food fall under this category. 
  • Guided tours and tourist guide: one can also be a professional guide and provide information on tourist spots and places. 
  • Hospitality: food and beverage establishments. 


  1. One must also take their location.

  2. Specifically geographical location into account too. A location near transportation facilities like railways or airways is always preferable.


  1. Always remember to have a well-structured business plan.

  2. Make sure you have done a lot of research work on tourism. Make sure you have huge amounts of information. Also, don’t forget to size up the competition. 

If necessary take a small loan for your startup tourism business and also share and present your plans to your partners and potential lenders. However, make sure you have the required or rather, the necessary amount of capital.

Get hold of all required necessary business licenses and have all legal documents that are essential. This is very important and mandatory.

Market your tourism business in a well-planned manner. Create social networking sites and websites. Also, advertise in newspapers and magazines. If required you can also launch an app. 


Tourism is an important sector and part of the economy, most people have opted for a tourism business. With the above steps, one can start up a tourism business from home itself. It not only creates a vast variety of employment opportunities but also helps a country’s economy to thrive. 

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