How to Stop Snoring Immediately

Snoring is a fetal problem, but we don’t understand how. Many people do not think it is a problem it is normal for them. They also laugh about it.

But they must know the consequences. But most of them don’t know anything about snoring. Snoring is not only a physical problem but it can lead to mental problems also.


Now you will ask me how snoring can be affecting mental peace.
Now, the reason is quite funny but deep.

First: Snoring leads to bad sleeping, which will not give you the healing that you want by sleeping.

Second: When you are married you are with your wife. And at night when you guys are sleeping suddenly you start to snore loudly, you may not feel you are snoring, but your wife can and she will be pissed off with that.

Your snoring can lead her to insomnia and then she might divorce, you and your family will be destroyed just by a snore! Will you think that is a pretty reason? Nah! I don’t think so. It will be more embarrassing in the public. When you lost your family and become alone, then your mental health will start to deteriorate.

Now this way you will lose your mental peace.

You may think that the second reason is far from the truth, but let me tell you it is not impossible. In fact, I saw a case where a couple broke up for only snoring.

Before sharing the story, let’s know what is snoring.

  • What is Snoring?

It is basically an unwanted harsh and rough sound that comes out from one’s mouth and nose because of abnormal breathing during sleeping.

Now we will know what exactly causes Snoring:

  • What is the Cause of Snoring?

When you sleep the muscles in your upper airway relax and make airflow turbulence causing you to snore. I saw many people file for divorce because of their partner’s snoring problem.
Let me share this incident with you.

Abhinav and Preeti are my close friends. They both are from the same college as I am. They married each other after college and they looked very happy and beautiful. But after some time later there was a problem in their marital life.

Both of them become very unhappy with each other. After one and a half years they decided to end their marriage. They went to a famous lawyer. The lawyer was shocked after hearing their reason for divorce. She was not even sure if they will get divorced or not.

After knowing the fact that they will be divorced, we went to them and tried to convince them to continue the marriage. We gave the solution to sit and talk to each other, but Preeti was more adamant to have a divorce.

Later we came to know that Abhinav has a snoring problem and Preeti was unhappy with that. She can’t tolerate snoring at all. We were really shocked to know the reason. At first, we could not believe that but after three months they were divorced.

Now, See! How dangerous snoring can be.

There are some reasons that lead to snoring.

Let’s find out that.

  • Reasons for Snoring:

There are many reasons that may lead to snoring and then to disaster.

1. Sedative Use: If you use lots of sedatives in daily life you will end up snoring.

2. Excessive Alcohol Consumption: We Indians do not need to drink alcohol because India is a country with a hot climate. But you can drink occasionally. But if you drink daily excessive amounts, then you might have a snoring problem in later life.

3. Seasonal Allergies: Many people have allergies like dust allergy, food allergies, and allergies from animal fur. If you have excessive allergy then you can have snoring in later life.

4. Excessive Weight: If you do not follow a healthy diet and eat unhealthy food, you have an unhealthy weight, then you can have breathing problems which might be turned into snoring.

5. Sleeping Position: Sometimes snoring can depend on the sleeping position.

We know the reasons now let’s find out the solutions. 

What is the Remedy of Snoring? /How can We be Able to Stop Snoring?

There are many home remedies and medical treatments also to stop snoring.

1. Fix Your Sleeping Position:

If you have a snoring problem, then you should not sleep in a straight position. Try to sleep in the direction of right or left. Try to turn your body the left or right.

2. Do Yoga:

I know many of you are not a workout person, but I will still suggest you do yoga that will help you to fix your snoring problem. Do pranayam, daily.

3. Try to Eat Healthy:

Try to follow a healthy diet chart. Eat more and more vegetables and protein. Don’t eat fatty food or carbs. If you lose some weight automatically you will be relieved from this problem.

4. Consult with Doctors:

If you have a severe snoring problem you should go to the doctor immediately. Book an appointment with them. They will do a check-up on you and then they will give you some remedies like a CPAP mask, Chinstrap, etc. This problem can be solved by only ENT doctors. A famous ENT surgeon can fix your problem with ease.

5. Try to Take Mild Steam Before Sleeping:

If you are tired of your snoring problem, try to take mild steam before going to sleep it will clear your nasal path and you will get temporary relief.

6. Try to Take Mild Steam Before Sleeping:

Try to drink lukewarm water, which will give you relief from Snoring immediately.

These are the reasons and causes of snoring. If you are obese and you were snoring then you can follow a method from the above-mentioned list. If you have severe snoring issues, then I will suggest you book an appointment with an ENT specialist.

I hope it will be helpful for you.

Thank you.

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