The management and care of a person to combat any illness or medical disorder related to one’s health are called a medical treatment. Thus, in simple words, the treatment of a patient’s health is called medical treatment. Every country does not have the required means or experts to treat certain diseases or disorders, this results in patients going to other countries to seek medical treatment and this is called medical tourism. 

That integration and aggregation of sectors present inside the economic system that provides services and goods to treat patients with preventative, curative, palliative and rehabilitative care is the healthcare industry. It is commonly also known as the health economy or medical business. 

This sector is again divided and subdivided into several other sectors. This industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing and largest industries. It forms an enormous part of the country’s economy. 

Medical tourism is mainly for surgeries, however, people also travel for fertility and dental treatment as well as cosmetic surgeries and mental treatment and psychiatric treatment. 




Health tourism records back to thousands of years ago when the Greeks used to travel from the Eastern Mediterranean to Epidauria, a small region near the Saronic Gulf. 


Medical tourism in India

The additional advantage of Medical tourism in India is that a large number of people visit India for ayurvedic treatment too. This is an additional income to this sector. Chennai is regarded as “India’s Health City” as it attracts 70% tourists seeking both ayurvedic as well as allopathic treatment.


The types of Medical tourism business that can be run in India: 


  • A medical practice business: one must have all the necessary license and legal documents to run this business. The owner should also get hold of proper, experienced doctors, physicians, and surgeons. 
  • A pharmacy business: this kind of business is risky as one needs to have all the necessary knowledge about all medical drugs and medicines. One must also get hold of a license. 
  • Other than the above mentioned medical tourism businesses one can also run a medical transportation business, run clinics and many more.  

The most visible and important part of a healthcare business is the delivery of healthcare services. Healthcare can be provided to the modern world in several ways. the best and the most common form of delivery is the face to face delivery were both the patients as well as the doctor and nurses see each other treat each other and provide advice to each other face to face. however, some other means are places of delivery may be in the home workplace, clinics, health facilities, hospitals or the community. 

However with growing technology and progress in telecommunications technology also helps in the delivery of services via phones video conferencing email text messages internet and even apps which provide healthcare service facilities. 


Travel focusing on Medical treatments and the use of health Care services use a far wider term which is known as health tourism. it covers a wide range of health-oriented tourism from health conductive and preventive treatment to even curative self-driving as well as rehabilitation.  The management and care of a person to combat any illness or medical disorder related to one’s health is called a medical treatment


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