Irritable Bowels Treatment

Irritable bowels syndrome is a well-known disease or medical condition where your intestine is get affected.

There are many people in India who are suffering from IBS. It is very common in India. Many reports say that we Indians eat a lot of spicy food and dairy products so, we have IBS the most. It is not dependent on age, climate, and sex. It only depends on the patient who has experienced the problem.

There are many good and famous doctors out there who can treat you with your IBS. Never hide it from your doctor. If it is detected in the early initial stages you will be saved. If not then don’t worry there are many other options for treatment.

I saw a patient with IBS in my family. My uncle used to have IBS. He suffered a lot. It is basically an intestinal disease. He used to suffer a lot.

Whenever he ate anything literally anything even home-cooked food, he was uncomfortable. He had a stomach ache. Any kind of food makes him uncomfortable and he was very upset because of that.

Personally, he was very foodie but after when he was diagnosed with IBS the doctor told him not to eat anything spicy or oily food because it can trigger his IBS and can make the situation more and more uncomfortable for his uncle and for his surroundings also.

My aunty was very anxious. One day when my didi got married, we invited the uncle’s family. They all came with a big smile, they also gave blessings to my didi and everyone enjoyed it a lot.

On the menu, the caterer made all the favorite dishes of my did like Naan, Chicken bharta, Fish fry, butter chicken, jeera rice, and also mutton and polao. In dessert we had gulab jamun. Uncle used to eat in a moderate portion but on that particular day he saw many food items and could not control himself, so he ate all that.

After approximately two to three hours uncle felt uneasiness in his stomach and his stomach was suddenly aching. We all were very much afraid to see that we never saw him that way. Aunty was so anxious at that time.

She was also very confused. My father lastly stepped in and called an ambulance and admitted him to the hospital. After some time we come to know that uncle was okay, but he needed quality medication and a healthy diet.

So, let’s come and know what IBS is.

  • What is IBS?

IBS is an intestinal disorder marked by unpleasant GI symptoms. Its symptoms are similar to a wide variety of problems which can be serious.

Important to diagnose correctly because different conditions require different treatments.

Now let’s talk about the symptoms of IBS.

  • Symptoms of IBS:

There are many symptoms of IBS. Many symptoms are also the same as other diseases. But there are some symptoms that can detect IBS.

  • Abdominal Bloating,
  • Cramping.
  • Excess Gas.
  • Pain.
  • Heartburn or discomfort after eating normally sized meal.
  • Frequent Bathroom Emergencies.
  • Lower backaches.

We know about the symptoms now let’s talk about the treatment.

  • Treatment of IBS:

There are many ways to treat IBS. If you don’t want your IBS to be severe then please consult a proper doctor.

1. Self-Care:

In self-care, usually, doctors mean a healthy diet. A patient with IBS should eat a high-fiber and low-fat diet. It is assumed that a high-fat diet has low fiber, so the doctors advised you to eat more and more fiber in your food. Like: Legumes, vegetables, fruits, and appropriate water.

2. Antibiotics: 

With the help of antibiotics, the stomach is cleared. The antibiotics help to kill the bacteria in the stomach and make the patient relax.

3. Dietary Supplement:

Many doctors suggest taking dietary supplement to clean your stomach. Stomach cleaning is important in IBS.

4. Physical Exercise:

Try to do a minimum 30 of minutes of workouts daily. It will make you strong and healthy.

5. Therapies:

Take therapies if you get them. Therapies like Biofeedback, Cognitive behavior therapy, and Brief psychology are very helpful.


Losing weight is the dream of everyone but few of them can reach the goal. Weight loss is not a difficult journey it is a journey where everything depends on your consistency and hard work.

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I hope this article is helpful to you guys. I just share my thoughts here.

Thank you.

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