Delhi is the capital city of India. From historical monuments to crowded shopping malls, from Mughal gardens to Delhi University campus, the capital city has multiple personalities making it ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’. As a base to explore North India, Delhi is known to be the city with a heart. Delhi houses a vast number of world-class private hospitals. These hospitals are said to offer world-class facilities, hi-tech specialists treatments, highest qualified teams of doctors and other medical professionals and that too at an affordable rate.

Responsibilities of a Medical Tourism Agency

Medical Agencies are required for the growth of the Medical Tourism industry. The former is primarily essential for:
Classifying top doctors for a particular treatment and consulting them for the diagnosis or reports before arriving in the host country for the treatment.
After finalizing the appointment with the doctor, applying for medical Visa and all the documentation required.
Providing pickup services to patients from the airport at the time of their arrival.
Escorting them to the hotel which is nearby to the hospital or clinic which might be pre-booked.
Seamlessly manage every aspect of the patient’s medical retreat experience from the first moment of contact.

List of Medical Tourism Companies in Delhi

With Delhi being one of the top hubs of medical facilities, here is a list of some renowned medical tourism agencies:

Vaidam – Vaidam is an ISO certified medical tourism platform that connects patients with top-notch medical experts, hospitals, wellness options and trusted travel partners in India so that one can make the right healthcare choices.
IAS Medicare – IAS Medicare is the last destination to all healthcare challenges and complications. It was established to cater to all the medical requirements of a patient. The focus of this institution is to offer treatments to various health and physical problems that few people may suffer from.

Mediconnect – A healthy body is the dweller of the sound mind. This medical institution consists of one of the best seats for healthcare, considering its advanced medical facilities.
Tour2India4Health – It is the number 1 medical value provider in India that offers guidance to foreign patients in receiving medical care of international standard at surprisingly affordable rates.

Medical Tourism in Delhi, India is blooming. Various kinds of advanced medical facilities are believed to attract more medical tourists easily and economically. However, a few challenges that are faced by the patients here should be addressed. The government had taken a lot of steps on the path of medical tourism, but there is still a lot left to be done. The vast potential in the field of medical tourism is yet to be tapped. A customer-oriented approach is required to make the inbound patient believe that India is ‘Your passport to Healthy Sojourn’.

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