Today, India is among the top 5 countries in Medical Tourism, thanks to the development of its private sector in recent years. India now houses world-renowned doctors, some of whom were trained in the top private hospitals that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) in the US. 

Responsibility of a Medical Tourism Agency 

Medical Agencies are required for the growth of the Medical Tourism industry. The former is primarily essential for: 

  • Classifying top doctors for a particular treatment and consulting them for the diagnosis or reports before arriving in the host country for the treatment.  After finalizing the appointment with the doctor, applying for medical Visa and all the documentation required. 
  • Providing pickup services to patients from the airport at the time of their arrival. 
  • Escorting them to the hotel which is nearby to the hospital or clinic which might be pre-booked. 
  • Seamlessly manage every aspect of the patient’s medical retreat experience from the first moment of contact. 

Medical Tourism Agents in Chennai

With Chennai being one of the top hubs of medical facilities, here is a list of some renowned medical tourism agencies: 

  • ForeRunner Healthcare –

  • ForeRunners have established a standing of the best health tourism in India. They arrange and facilitate patient’s flight, hotel accommodation and schedule their surgery. 
  • Arinaa Medical Tourism –

  • Their key asset is their team. Their motto is Commitment to Quality. They are the first among hospitality establishment in the history of Kutralam, Tamil Nadu, and holds a record of the last decade in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They ate in the tradition of hospitality for more than eight decades. 
  • Anavara –

  • Anavara believes in supporting its customers completely. A global operation with a local footprint, it tries to understand the customer’s requirements fully, provide a platform for connecting the customer to the hospital and doctor, and engage in extending all facilities to the customer in their journey to recover. 
  • HealthOpinion –

  • HealthOpinion is a health assistance and tourism company based in South India. It strives to provide healthcare services to national and international patients, their family and friends who require healthcare services at any healthcare institutions in India. 
  • Medilink India –

  • Medilink in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a complete medical service institution that works on international standards. They are arranging service apartments at Chennai on short or long term rentals for medical tourists visiting India. 
  • Beyond Boundaries Health Care –

  • Beyond Boundaries Health Care emphasizes to meet every need of the patient’s medical ailments and provide them with cost-oriented yet uncompromised sophisticated quality services which will make them feel at home. 
  • Get Well Med Tours –

  • Get Well Med Tours arranges an appointment with the doctor or hospital before even traveling and get all their doubts regarding their treatment answered for their patients. 


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