medical tourism career opportunities

Medical tourism is one of the fastest-growing markets globally. The soaring cost of treatment in the UK and long waiting lists. This provides a better combination of treatment with a little trip abroad. Patients get the best medical facilities in accredited hospitals. How? At a low-cost treatment within a very less waiting time. Along with the patient’s safety and satisfaction. Hence, Medical Tourism Career Opportunities are boundless in this field.

Qualities you require for Career Opportunities in Medical Tourism

  • Awareness of the topography of different places and hospitals administering medical tourism.
    Be aware of even minute details of the healthcare and travel industry. Also, laws and regulations governing medical tourism.
  • Industries, hospital ratings, accreditation Visa and other related requirements.
    Must possess excellent communication, organization and leadership skills.
    Career opportunities available for Medical Tourism

This domain provides impressive career openings in medical marketing services, public relations, international insurance, travel, and tourism. Also, in logistics supervision and hospital supervision. Linked with certain Institutes in India offers Certificate, Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma. Even, MBA courses in Medical Tourism. Also, Other courses such as MBA Health Management, MBA Travel and Tourism Management, M.Sc. Health Care and Hospital Administration can produce the discipline to work in this field.

Medical Tourism Career Opportunities

All in all, Medical Tourism is an open area where job opportunities are available in the fields of health care as well as tourism sectors. Candidates with proper qualifications in the fields of medical tourism and hospital administration are preferred by most employers. People can also work in the following sectors related to this field are:

  • Spa and wellness industry
    Hospitality and Hotel Industry
    Health and allied services
    Clinics & Health Spas
    Ayurveda and Naturopathy Centers
    Tourism and travel agencies
    Aviation Industry
    Insurance companies

In fact, hospitals extending treatment for foreign patients tie-up with travel agencies or engage individuals who have graduated in travel and tourism management. Medical tourism provider gives proper guidance to foreign tourists and patients from abroad in choosing the best hospital.

A huge number of foreign patients come to India for treatments such as heart surgery, knee replacement, orthopedic treatments, cosmetic surgery, eye care, dental treatment or any other healthcare need. Moreover there are many hotels/resorts which feature an Ayurveda Center as an integral part and a large number of foreign tourists come to India specifically for the Ayurveda treatment.

Medical Tourism Training Courses

Overall Medical tourism training courses are research-based and are based on global standards and good business practices. It typically covers topics like:

International healthcare law
Cross border healthcare
Destination and tourism management
Intercultural management
Cost control
Cross-cultural communication
Operations management

Why Should you choose India for Medical Tourism?

Indian doctors and healthcare professionals are celebrated worldwide for their crafts with many of them holding high posts in leading hospitals in the US, UK and other countries all over the world.

India is also home to different alternative medical therapies involving Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurveda treatment provides a cure to even many of the chronic ailments like Cancer, Arthritis, Psoriasis, etc. Also, it is very efficient in nursing Arthritis & Nervous disorders.

Medical treatment expenses in India are generally about a tenth of the costs in the US and are more affordable compared to other medical travel destinations like Thailand.

As a matter of fact, healthcare tourism and medical travel industry is a demanding and fast-growing sector. The need for prescribed education and training programs within it has increased by manifolds and will eventually benefit both patients and professionals who are looking to make a mark in this prospective and promising industry.


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