South Africa is gradually making high medical advances. Statistics show that in 2012, between 300,000 and 350,000 medical tourists visited South Africa from all over the continent. African medical travelers traveled to South Africa for medical services as it consists of advanced infrastructure and medical technology at affordable rates. Even the skills of the doctors are on par with international standards.  


South Africa as an ideal Medical Tourist Destination 


South Africa is an ideal medical tourist destination as it boasts about the following characteristics: 

  • World-class healthcare facilities 
  • Under-utilized healthcare sector as South Africa’s total population comprises only 16%. 
  • World-renowned doctors who ate also international thought leaders. 
  • The South African medical industry have undergone many ground-breaking surgeries and medical research which includes world’s first heart and penile transplants and more recently the world’s first transplant of the middle-ear bones with the help of 3D printed components. 
  • Shorter waiting times for surgery in the private sector. 
  • High rated tourism destination which caters to all tourists. 
  • English speaking country. Therefore, it is easier for international tourists to communicate with locals. 
  • Favorable currency 

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