Since Hyderabad is a city loaded with rich culture, it is successful in seizing the attention of travelers. It is home to numerous historic landmarks, tourist spots, and old markets. Though these historic landmarks are never going to lose its captivating charm, there are many new landmarks coming up in the city. These are in the form of ultra-modern healthcare facilities that offer world-class treatment at affordable rates. These growing healthcare facilities in Hyderabad are gradually driving up the influx of medical tourists in the city. 

Characteristics for the Rise of Medical Tourists 


Hyderabad is turning into a major hub for inbound medical tourism in the country due to quality healthcare, competitive pricing, warm hospitality, and excellent air connectivity. According to Hans Indian Article, a finding from the Ministry of Tourism has stated that foreign tourists arrival in Hyderabad on medical Visas is gradually increasing by 20 – 30% annually. As per the statistics, the city, at present, attracts over one thousand medical tourists every month from countries like Tanzania, Somalia, Nigeria, Middle East, CIS countries, Oman, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other Southeast Asian countries. The Pan-African-e-network project is also playing a significant role in turning Hyderabad into a popular medical tourism destination. Due to this project, awareness in African countries about the medical facilities available at Hyderabad at affordable rates is increasing rapidly. Also, the number of African students residing in Hyderabad is adding to the numbers. As per rough estimates, more than 1000 international students enrolled in various courses at Osmania University last year. 

Medical Services Offered in Hyderabad


International medical tourists visit this city to receive critical services like brain and spine surgery, bone marrow transplants, bariatric surgery, heart and lung transplant, colorectal surgery, gastroenterology procedures, gynaecology surgery, joint replacements, cochlear implant surgery, IVF, dental procedures, heart surgery, cancer treatment, and preventive health checkups. 

How Cost Advantage Affects the Medical Tourism 


Medical tourists come to Hyderabad not only to avail medical services but also for the world-class treatment the city offers at 

such low rates. The cost for complex treatments like that of Leukaemia is nearly 10 – 20 times lower in Hyderabad’s medical institutions compared to treatment costs in western countries. It is also known that reported healthcare in the city reported that they have till now treated more than 200 foreign patients. Treatments were provided to patients suffering from complications like pulmonary problems, orthopaedics, cardiology, and paediatrics at one-fifth the cost of what hospitals would charge in the US and other western countries. With Hyderabad being one of the top hubs of medical facilities, here is a list of some renowned medical tourism agencies: 

  • Medfly HealthCare Consultants and Medical Tourism 
  • Zoylo Medical Tourism 
  • Ya Rahman Tours and Travels 


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