Medical tourism companies in UAE

The market of the UAE is the next biggest in the Arab World after Saudi Arabia. They mainly focus on oil exports and commerce. Tourism is now one of the main sources of revenue in the UAE. How? With not only some of the world’s most luxurious hotels there but also huge airports with state of the art facilities. Today, the UAE is the 31st largest economy by nominal GDP and is home to more than 9.4 Million People. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations for leisure. UAE is the fastest-growing medical tourism hub because of its location facility. Here, we discuss some of the best Medical tourism companies in UAE down below.

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Location facility of UAE

UAE is located in a unique diplomatic position between the East and West. So, it makes it easily accessible to millions of medical tourists. UAE boasts major JCI accredited hospitals, state-of-the-art facilities and Western qualified doctors along with the high quality of life and security to make it a great prospect for medical travelers as compared to the rest of the countries in the region.

Main visitors of the UAE

The majority of Africans have been seen flocking into the UAE for medical treatment. Hence, Nationals from Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Chad have been the major medical tourists in the UAE. Along with leisure travel, many tourists from Russia and the CIS countries have been seeking medical treatment in the UAE.

What does a medical tourism agent do?

Medical tourism agent is an industry or a company which attempts to bring together a prospective patient with a service provider. Ordinarily a hospital or a clinic. Consequently, these organizations provide services in a single country or they may provide access to treatment across multiple nations.

List of  UAE medical tourism companies

  • Royal Cure provides accessible quality medical care in the UAE. Royal Cure has selected the top clinics to be a part of their network of healthcare providers. Also, Royal Cure creates exciting and life-changing products that aim to encourage medical tourism. Also, they benefit the patients in terms of quality health and financial savings with high-quality medical services and professional physicians whom they evaluate personally.
  • Thumbay Medical Tourism is a family healthcare tourism associate in the UAE. They afford the most suitable facilities for patients, building personalized care which people may need whilst in UAE for a medical tourism trip. Further, they even provide treatments like Rhinoplasty, Breast lifts, Liposuction, Total hip replacement surgery, total knee joint replacement, Mother care, and even Dialysis.
  • The Medical Tourism Center at is meant to serve as a panel for providers of global medical services from around the world. It introduces their services and interacts with consultants, general practitioners, medical facilities, medical insurance companies, and related healthcare organizations in Arab countries. Besides, It is accredited by Canada International, JCI, Trent, DNV, etc. Their Medical Tourism checks upon:
    • International Patient Referrals/Treatment Abroad
    • Surgical Treatment
    • Dental Treatment
    • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Common/Routing Procedures 
Lastly, Facilities like Quality of Care, Clinical Standards, Secondary Infection Rates, Ability of Medical Staff to Speak Arabic are common in this company.

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