sperm bank

A sperm bank is a facility or enterprise which purchases, stores and sells human semen. Sperm donors are the ones who donate sperm to the sperm bank. This sperm is then introduced into the recipient woman by artificial insemination or by IVF and the process may also involve donated eggs or through surrogacy.

Basically, a sperm bank provides the opportunity to have a baby to single women, coupled lesbians, and to heterosexual couples where the male is infertile. 

Criteria for being a sperm donor

A donor must be a fit healthy male, between 18 and 45 years of age. He must be willing to donate his sperm so that usage of it to impregnate women who are unrelated to and unknown by him can take place. The donor must agree to give up all legal rights to all children resulted from his donations.

A sperm donor may require to produce his medical records and those of his family, often for several generations. Lastly, the donor must produce his sperm at the sperm bank and must enable to produce fresh samples of sperm for immediate processing.

Screening of a Sperm Donor from a Sperm Bank

Sperm banks generally screen possible donors for a chain of diseases and disorders, including genetic diseases, chromosomal abnormalities and STD infections whose transmission happens through sperm. After providing a sperm, the sample is cryopreserved i.e frozen. After which, it remains in quarantine for at least 180 days.

sperm bank

Then you’ll be tested again for infectious diseases, such as HIV. If all of your test outcomes return to be negative, your frozen sample will be dissolved and sperm quantity, quality, and the tendency will be assessed again. Sperm samples from some men are more susceptive to damage during the freezing process than others.

If your sperm reaches the quality criteria, you’ll be chosen as a donor. Keep in mind that specific guidelines and limits may vary. If you test positive for any medical conditions, you’ll be informed and assigned for medication and counseling. Mostly samples are sold as containing a particular number of motile sperm per milliliter.  Also, different types of the sample may be sold by a sperm bank for differing types of use, e.g. ICI or IUI.

Payment to Sperm Donor

Although payments from sperm banks fluctuate, most are between100 to 125 dollars. If you pass all the screening procedures, you will be expected to donate weekly. Then you can easily earn $1,000 every month. 


Pregnancy has been accomplished with sperm that has been cryopreserved for 28 years. It is believed that sperm may be collected continually without decreasing the possibility of pregnancy.


Donor insemination is notably less expensive than utilizing donor eggs. The cost can range anywhere from $300 to $4,000. It depends on whether usage of the male partner’s sperm happens, or if an anonymous sperm donor instead.

Baby Quest International Private Ltd in Mumbai, Indian Spermtech Lab and Semen Bank in Ahmedabad, Cytochem Laboratories in Pune are some of the known Sperm Banks in India. In this way, it helps the hopeful parents to conceive a healthy child through these clinics.

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