Tourism is no longer based on just touring and traveling. Nowadays, it focuses more on the specialization in accordance with customer choice, requirement, traveling moods, cultural emphasis, economic factors, health condition, and specific social and socio-psychological trends. Medical Tourism which is also termed as medical travel, health tourism or global healthcare, refers to the industry in which people from all over the globe travel from one country to another to get medical and surgical treatment due to various reasons. Some of these reasons include better convenience, lower costs, reduced waiting time to undergo a surgery/treatment, which might not be available in their native countries. 

Courses in Medical Tourism 


Nowadays, there are courses in medical tourism that combines knowledge of travel and tourism with training in healthcare management. The MBA and PG diploma in Medical Tourism is mainly for those working for the healthcare and tourism industry with the intention to increase their knowledge and skill. Any person (medical/ non-medical) holding a 10+2 degree or any equivalent qualified efficient candidates with good communication skills can opt for medical tourism courses. These courses which are of 1-2 years, intend to train a candidate in the medical tourism field, provide sufficient knowledge about the travel and tourism industry, logistics and hospitality industry, legal/ ethical issues, medical facilities, and conditions, etc. There are other courses such as MBA Health Management, MBA Travel and Tourism Management, Msc. Health Care and Hospital Administration offer training to build a career in this field. 

Skills Required 


Medical Tourism providers should have these mentioned skills: 

  • Good knowledge of the topography of various places and hospitals offering medical services 
  • Be aware of every minute change in healthcare and travel industries, laws and regulations governing medical tourism industries, hospital ratings, accreditation Visa and other related requirements. 
  • Must have outstanding communication, organization and leadership skills. 

Career Opportunities 


This field provides excellent career opportunities in medical marketing services, public relations, international insurance, travel and tourism, logistics management and hospital administration. Certain institutes all over the world provide candidates with Certificate, Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and MBA courses in medical tourism. All in all,  medical tourism is an open-area which offers people with jobs in both the fields, health care, and travel and tourism sectors. Candidates with relevant qualifications in the fields of tourism and hospital administration are preferred by most of the employers. People can work in these sectors which are related to this field. 

  • Spa and Wellness Industry 
  • Hospitality and Hotel Industry 
  • Health and allied services 
  • Clinics and Health Spas 
  • Ayurveda and Naturopathy Centers 
  • Tourism and Travel Agencies 
  • Aviation Industry 
  • Insurance Companies 

The top 10 Medical Courses providers around the world are listed below: 

  • American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine 
  • Rome Business School 
  • University of Surrey, UK 
  • Sister Nivedita University 
  • Symbiosis Center of Health Care 
  • Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies 
  • ICRI Health Campus 
  • Institute of Public Health and Hygiene 
  • Global Institute of Medical Sciences 


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