types of medical tourism

Medical tourism is an emerging and highly profitable field. Its demand is increasing every day. Thus to cater to the increasing population opting for this kind of treatment, different types of medical tourism are cropping up. There are numerous kinds of medical tourism in India and all over the world based on the type of traveling and treatments offered. 

Types of Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism is a thriving sector in India. India’s medical tourism sector arranges all kind of things for them, receive them from airports, fix appointments with doctors and interpret them to the doctors. To further know, about the types of medical tourism in India, read on.

1. Outgoing tourism

Sometimes, due to a lack of treatment facilities in India, affluent patients prefer going abroad for medical treatment. Indians generally visit the United States and select countries in Europe for treating cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

2. Foreign tourists visiting the country

India sees a significant influx of people from her neighboring countries. People from Afghanistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Yemen, Nigeria, and Kenya primarily flock to this country in search of inexpensive yet high-quality treatment. Sometimes, people from the first world countries visit India for the sake of a knee-replacement or an open-heart surgery in India because here it costs fifty to eighty percent less to what it costs in their own country.

3. Domestic tourism for the sake of treatment

Because of the high-quality treatment offered in India, most of the people who are unable to afford different treatment, travel domestically in India to avail treatments at proper locations famous for such remedies. For example, 90% of all the cancer patients in the country travel to Vellore to avail treatments.

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4. Tourism based on treatments offered in India

A. Heart Surgery

Heart surgery in the US costs between $70,000 and $200,000. However, the same operation would require a patient only around two lakhs in India, which is around $2,874 to be precise. But don’t let the amount deceive you about the quality of services provided in India. Healthcare facilities are top notch and of very high quality. Hence, this insane difference in money and the quality of services is what brings the international population to India.

B. Cosmetic Surgery

India is a hub for cosmetic surgery. Patients from all around the globe flock here to make themselves look better. Breast augmentation, face lifting, botox treatments, lip enhancements are some of the most sought after cosmetic surgeries in India. They cost around 50 to 70 percent less than it would cost in the western world. Types of Medical Tourism

C. Cancer Treatment

The treatment of cancer complete with chemotherapy will cost a patient around 20 lakhs in India. This when converted to US dollars amount to $28,750 roughly as opposed to $150,000 when the same disease is treated in the United States. Thus, very understandably, people from all around the world opt for India as a cancer treatment hub.

D. Knee Replacement Surgeries

Knee replacements are one of the most famous operations in India. In the united states, the treatment costs around $50,000. However, the same treatment will cost a patient around $5,000 in India. This, along with the high-quality treatment offered, makes India a viable option for knee replacement surgery destination.


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