What is knee Arthroscopy

What is knee Arthroscopy??

People often confused between knee replacement surgery and knee Arthroscopy.

Knee Arthroscopy is less complicated surgery than knee replacement surgery. It is a surgical procedure , that detects and treat knee joint-related problems. It may be a joint muscle problem, or tendon and cartilage tissue problems.

In this technique, your orthopedic surgeon make a minor incision or small cut to your knee area and then insert a very small camera. That is also known as an arthroscopic camera. That will give a entire view inside your knee joint area, and that can be seen by the expert on a large screen.

Thus the surgeon can easily detect the actual problem in the knee joint area, and you will get proper treatment. Sometimes they used to correct the damaged tissue with the help of the instrument connected with Arthroscope.

What is the purpose of knee Arthroscopy

If you are experiencing chronic knee joint pain, the doctor may suggest your knee Arthroscopy. If your problem is at mild to moderate level.  But if you feel severe pain, and knee joint condition is at the last stage, the doctor will give you the best and final option the total knee replacement surgery.

Here Arthroscopy plays a duel role, it diagnoses your problem, as well as treat them in a proper way. So that doctors always prefer this advanced technique.

Arthroscopic surgery can detect and treat a different kind of knee joint injuries

  • Inflammation of synovium
  • Meniscus related injury, or torn meniscus
  • Baker’s cyst
  • Damage of cartilage and tendon tissue.
  • Accidental injury, sports injury and knee bone injury
  • Knee cap related problems, abnormal positioning of the knee cap
Knee Arthroscopy
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How can you prepare for Arthroscopic Surgery?

Yes, this is the common point, how to prepare for arthroscopic surgery. We will guide you through some common point. Apart from that doctor will guide you thoroughly.  Consult with your doctor about your present medical condition, medicines, supplements, vitamin, or over the counter medicines.

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Before arthroscopy, you have to stop a few medicines like ibuprofen, aspirin seven days before surgery.

You have to take food, and drinks before 12 hours of surgery.  In certain cases, the doctor will prescribe you some pain relief medicine. That will give you desirable comfort before surgery.

Get a clear idea of Knee arthroscopy

The orthopedic surgeon will give you an anesthesia injection to your knee area, before arthroscopy.  That may be local, regional or general, where you will get complete sleep.

The surgeon will start your operation by making a small incision around your knee. Pump saline water to expand your knee.  Then insert the arthroscope to see what is happening inside your knee. The doctor can visit this on the monitor of the operation theatre.

After detecting your problem through the arthroscope, use small incision too connecting with the camera, and correct the injured tissue. After surgery, he or she will drain all the saline water, and close the incision with stitches.

This is the overall concept of arthroscopic surgery, simple than knee replacement surgery. And you will return your home on the same day or next day morning.

Risk related to Arthroscopic surgery 

In every surgery procedure, there are some positive or negative aspects, but the probability is very rare if your surgery is done by an experienced and competent doctor. He or she will guide you before surgery.

There are some rare risk associated with arthroscopy surgery, that may include:

  • Over bleeding at the time of surgery.
  • Infection at the site of the wound.
  • Breathing problem or an allergic reaction due to anesthesia, or other medicine administered before surgery
  • Internal bleeding
  • Damage of cartilage or, blood vessel, ligament, or meniscus injury at the time of arthroscopy surgery.
  • Clotting of blood in the leg

These are some risk of arthroscopy, but the probability is very low.

Recovery after Arthroscopy surgery

Rehabilitation or recovery process is important after any orthopedic surgery.  But Arthroscopic surgery is not so invasive.  The doctor will dress your incision area, and you must use an ice pack on your knee. Next, you will come to your home.

Try to do some basic care in your home, elevate your leg, use an icepack to avoid inflammation, and pain. You have to change your dressing routinely, to avoid infection on the wound area.

Last but not least, you need to go for a checkup after a few days of surgery. If you feel something abnormal, immediately consult with your doctor.

Here  our Madre healthcare  team talked about the most well-known  alternative of knee replacement surgery.”  What is knee Arthroscopy”. Hope this article is helpful. To know more about bone health and orthopedic treatment, visit our website.

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