Alternative of total knee replacement surgery

Are you prefer surgery?? or Searching for some alternative procedure of total knee replacement surgery

Obviously not. As we don’t prefer surgery and operation. And every patient wants to resume their normal life, but not through the most complicated surgical procedure. So they used to ask some alternative procedure of total knee replacement surgery.

So, if you are looking for some alternative procedure, then you are in the right place, keep your mind calm, and go through this article.

As here I am going to discuss the different alternative procedure, apart from total knee replacement surgery.

If your knee joint problem is at the primary level, pain is mild to moderate, then these alternatives are applicable for you.

What are the Alternative procedures of Total knee replacement surgery

If you are suffering from a severe knee problem, and the doctor recommends you to go for total knee replacement surgery, then you should go for this, as this is the permanent solution. And you will resume your normal activity.

But if you are in the primary stage of pain, then these alternatives can heal your joint pain.  These procedures also prevent you from knee joint damage. These are the less invasive procedure. So, If you want to take care of your knee, these alternatives will be applicable too.

Weight management is the first step, you should follow, if you want to take care of your knee. And It is scientifically proven that each one pound of excess weight gives for unit pressure on the knee joint.  Thus obesity, overweight affects your knee in very negative way.

Here one of the best solutions in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Doing regular exercise, and eat a healthy diet. Avoid junk, oily food. And focus on regular physical activity. These are the most basic care of your knee and the entire health

Regular physical activity is very important for everyone. As now we are doing sedentary jobs, that affects our knee, back, and shoulder. To avoid this kind of orthopedic problems, do regular exercise and walk at least for 30 minutes.


Alternative of total knee replacement surgery
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Hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid knee injection lubricates the knee cap of the joint, and improve shock absorption capacity. Thus knee injections improve knee flexibility, and range of motion, and reduce swelling, pain.

Doctors often don’t recommend this hyaluronic acid knee injection, if a patient is allergic to poultry and egg.

Go for physiotherapy

Are you suffering from orthopedic problems?? And that is related to hip, and knee joint, shoulder or back pain, then physiotherapy is good alternative option.

In the modern age, most of the people believe in physiotherapy treatment. This alternative treatment heals the injury, pain, illness that limits the person’s movement. And interrupt their normal life.

If you are suffering from knee or hip joint pain problems, then physiotherapy professionals will guide you in all aspects, to reduce your symptoms.

Exercise is helpful, but if you are doing this in the right way, and physiotherapist will tell you what posture, and how much exercise is good for your present health condition. And that will ensure your healing process.

If you do exercise in the wrong way, that will exhibit a negative impact.

 Use Acupuncture  

Acupuncture is one of the most well known alternative medicines. And major component of Chinese traditional medicine.  This is connected with very thin needles. Acupuncture considered as a pseudoscience.

Acupuncture is used as a pain relief alternative method, by avoiding high dose painkiller medicines.

Doctors and researchers observe that acupuncture dramatically reduce knee pain. The needles of the acupuncture are made of stainless steel. And this needle must be disposed off after every use, to avoid contamination.

Chin, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Canada highly prefer to use acupuncture techniques to remove body pain and body massage treatment.

Use over the counters pain reliever medicine and steroid medicine

Topical ointment includes bupivacaine, or lidocaine cream or, over the counter pain reliever medicine is good for your mild to moderate knee joint pain. Some doctors also prescribe anti-inflammatory steroid injection to reduce your knee swelling.

The steroid is a type of Artificial hormone mimic to our body hormone, that should be injected to your swelling area. Artificial steroid hormone injection can reduce your joint pain within a few days to a single week.

But over the counter medicine or Artificial steroid hormone medicines have some side effects

Allergic shock

Temporary increase in pain

Hormonal imbalance

Skin rash and infection

If you observe this kind of side effects, And then you should immediately stop steroid injections, and consult with your orthopedic doctor.

Arthroscopic surgery, best alternative of replacement surgery

 Knee Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that detects and treats the actual problem of knee joint area, muscle, tendon or bone. And This is relatively less complicated than total knee replacement surgery.

Arthroscopy is able to diagnose various type knee-related problems, like misaligned knee cap or torn meniscus, or defected ligament. Or swelling of the tendon, or any joint tissue injury.

An orthopedic surgeon may recommend you for knee Arthroscopy if you experience chronic knee pain, which is not curable with over the counter medicines.

Arthroscopy surgery has the potential to cure

  • Accidental injury, and fracture of knee bones
  • Baker’s cyst
  • Inflammation of synovium
  • Defects of the knee cap, and a torn meniscus.
  • Defects of anterior or posterior ligaments
  • Cartilage tissue injury and infection in the cartilage tissue

As this surgical procedure is less invasive than replacement surgery, the patient used to return home on the same day of surgery. And after a week you don’t need to take a crutch or cane. Thus you resume your regular activity.

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Here our Madre health care team talk about the alternative procedure of Total knee replacement surgery.  As we care about the patient’s phycology and emotion.  No one likes pain and does not prefer complicated surgery. And above discussed the alternative procedure are cost-effective than any replacement surgery. So If are having mild to moderate level of a knee problem, you can opt for one of them. They will definitely ensure a positive outcome. And you can resume your regular activity within 10 days.  Finally, we would say replacement surgery is not only the way to cure knee problems. There are different way apart from surgery. 




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